iPM_Boost Web TrafficWe’ve all heard the phrase, “Build it and they will come.” While it drew Shoeless Joe Jackson to the Field of Dreams, it won’t work when trying to increase website traffic.  There are nearly one billion websites taking residence across the Internet’s vast real estate—and counting! This means you won’t break into its competitive market by simply being there. Getting noticed is going to take a little effort.

Okay, a lot of effort.

Let’s say you’ve constructed a spectacular, mobile-friendly website guaranteed to “Wow!” your prospects. Every page is optimized with SEO-rich content that’s as engaging as it is relevant. What’s next?

To increase your web traffic, you have to put your website in front of your audience through multiple online avenues.

All of this starts with a web strategy. One that uses multiple media tools and platforms to drive traffic to your domain. To help you along, we’ve put together 3 easy tips on how to increase your website traffic—FAST!

1. Get Listed on Google

Today, society turns to Google for answers. Whether you’re looking for vendors, directions, or the name iPM Google Listingof that one guy you saw in that one movie 14 years ago, your first instinct is to pull up this popular search engine. That’s why Google is ranked as the number one website on the web.

If you are a business or service provider with a grounded location, your first step should be to create a Google My Business Page. This will allow you to brand a Google page and listing that features your website, address, phone number, hours, and reviews from clients whenever people search for you via their engine.

By simply doing this, you make it easier for clients to find you at the click of a button. Be sure to verify your listing and build out your Google+ page. New content and steady activity will gradually build your priority ranking against competitors in your area.

2. Build an Active Social Media Brand

Social media platforms aren’t a fad. They’re here to stay, and their reach is growing stronger every day. Consider these statistics:

      • 46% of online users refer to social media before making purchase decisions (Source: Neilsen)
      • 71% of social media users say they are more likely to purchase products from a brand they follow on social media (Source: Digitalsherpa)
      • 63% of social media users show preference to businesses who have accessible information on major social media channels (Source: Digitalsherpa)

If that isn’t enough to sway you, then let us share our own testimony. iPartnerMedia conducted a social media campaign in December 2015. Through actively engaging audiences via Twitter, Facebook, and Google, we were able to increase our web traffic by 333%! Of that percentage, 5,000 views came from our Google My Business page alone.

Eager to build your social media presence now? Create accounts on major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Each account should be properly branded with accurately sized and high resolution banners that reflect your company’s image and voice.

Afterward, you’ll need to create a steady flow of quality content with clear call-to-actions. Remember the first rule of posting on social media – be social!  If you’re looking to increase web traffic, then author creative posts that link back to your website. Your social media should never look abandoned. We suggest you post at least 3 to 5 times a week, if not more, while keeping in mind that each social media platform has its own manner of engaging users.

Need help building up your social media platforms? Click here!

3. Tap Into Online Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an appealing and cost effective way to reach your audience. It optimizes your marketing dollars by only requiring you to pay per engagement instead of impression (which refers to how often your ad shows up in front of viewers). Creating an ad campaign with a strong call-to-action leading to your website or landing page will increase your website traffic significantly.

PPC campaigns are highly customizable, allowing you to hone in on the exact audience that you want through various specifications. These campaigns are easy to deploy, and easy to adjust based on the real-time statistics they provide.

Plus, if you’re trying to increase web traffic, there’s no better platform than the web itself. U.S. citizens check their social media accounts an average of 17 times a day. That’s at least once an hour, if not more, which means you won’t have to wait long before you start seeing results.

Combine These Tips to Deploy a Cohesive Strategy

These three tips will help you jumpstart your brand’s digital footprint. However, there’s so many other avenues that are both valuable and essential to building and maintaining your website traffic. Call us today to see how we can help you become a trusted business that people click through to on the World Wide Web.