3 Ways To Build Author Ranking

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3 Ways To Build Author Ranking

Google Authorship is dead and gone. It’s a sad fact but it doesn’t mean the end to your ranking as an author. While the actual Authorship is gone, there are still many organic ways you can remain a strong voice online. Don’t be discouraged if you’re losing your Authorship. All that hard work was definitely not in vain. Authorship may be gone but ranking is not. You can still be the same loud, informative voice you once were.

Don’t Forget About Google

Don’t get frustrated and scrap Google all together! You’re profile is still a strong and vital source to spread your voice. Google+ in particular is a great platform that is still crawled regularly by algorithms. While Facebook, Twitter, and various other platforms are still included in search ranking but posts directly on Google+ can boost your search and many may even pop up on the first page of Google. Expand your horizons on Google and share your information, blogs, etc. with groups and other people within your circles. Consistent Contribution helps Google decide whether you’re the real deal or not.

Build Your Brand

Build yourself and prove that you are the authority that the industry needs. It’s more than just posting frequently, it’s the quality of what you’re posting. Create a different spin on an issue, challenge your readers, provide a steady and honest interaction with you customers. Engaging your readers will also help you connect with the right people. Engage with other well-ranked authors in your industry and community and discuss ways you can work together.

Did we say community, too? Find what you know, what you like, and stick to it. You can always branch out but in the beginning it may be better to stick to a few areas of expertise that coincide with one another. Google looks for specialization as a source of expertise.

Content, Content, Content!

We really can’t stress quality content enough. Engaging content that’s rich and informative is not only what Google wants to see, it’s what your clients want to read. Create content that you would want to read and that you would learn from. Google Authorship may be done but if there’s one thing that Google’s algorithm’s will never forget, it’s quality content.