4 New Trends for Mobility

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4 New Trends for Mobility

Mobile searching and overall use is the fastest growing sector in the technological world. The idea and terminology of a phone has changed dramatically. It has changed the way that we communicate, verbally and otherwise. Our phones are becoming our television, our workstation, our watch, and our tether to friends and family. More so, employers are beginning to encourage BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), a term that is emerging that gives employees the freedom to use their personal devices for work instead of getting IT-approved models. This growing sector of business has been extended to various other forms, all with the same idea in mind; instantaneous and easy use. Every year, mobile technology and “ease-ability” is crux to the success of your business. Trends are always emerging and changing and in no sector more evident than mobility. Through knowledge, feelers, and a little bit of researching, we have identified 4 New Trends in the world of mobile technology and associated companies.

1. BlackBerry is failing and will continue to decline.

BlackBerry sales have been and are continuing its steady decline. The company lost $965 million in one quarter of 2013 and planned to eliminate 40% of its work force by the end of 2013. The emerging market that is being created through the decline is being sought after by Apple and it looks like it’s a successful endeavor. Android as well is rising in sales and may have the opportunity to take over BlackBerry’s gap.

2. We are not ready to wear our phones quite yet.

Mobile technology in the form of everyday accessories is still not seen as an advantage. Most notably with Google Glass, there is still a long way to go in order for them to be embraced by the public. Not just picking on Google, various other forms of “wearable’s” have emerged and we are still not sold on the idea yet. There is still some time to get the functions and form working together to make “wearable’s” desirable. But…not yet.

3. Analytics are vital to understand consumer behavior.

Everything is about analytics these days and for good reason. We are consistently overloaded with information. Clicks, likes, re-tweets, views; they all mean something but it can be daunting, viewing it all at once. Analytical tools are being implemented in various mediums and outlets, giving us all some relief from stuffy data. The tools that we have now store information and give it back to us in easy-to-read graphs, charts, percentages. We have the ability to see what’s working and what isn’t. Analytics are a significant source of accurate information concerning your mobile users. Take advantage of this wealth of information right at your fingertips!

4. Cars get connected.

It began with radio and then GPS and automobile technology continues to grow with new innovations. Today, we are spending and inordinate amount of time in our vehicles and manufacturers are making it so we will have everything we need right there. Audi for example, has introduced mobility with WiFi and Google Maps integration into their vehicles. The opportunities are endless for these new possibilities. Right now, technology is being focused on the dashboard functionalities but this will most likely extend to various other aspects of the vehicle.