Are You Doing These 5 Trade Show Musts?

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iPM Trade Show Musts

Are you a trade show flop? Does the mere mention of networking event give you the chills?

Turn those networking flops into tantalizing leads. Trade shows are a must for local businesses. You just can’t beat the reach! The Naples Chamber Connections Expo is just around the corner, are you ready?

Don’t wing it! Prepare your team, your booth, and get ready for the best networking event of the season.

Check out these trade show musts that will boost morale on the trade show floor.

Start With Your Team

Everything starts with who you have at your table.

Play to your strengths. Does someone come to mind when you think of the “face” of your company? Make sure they’re there!

Trade shows are all about engagement. Choose a small, but solid, group of staff to show the best sides of your business. Pick people who are approachable, welcoming and are good listeners. You don’t want to bombard attendees with “sales-y” speak right from the get-go. Build a rapport and a relationship first.

Make Yourself Seen!

You’ve got the people, now what about the booth?

After your team, your booth is your greatest asset. A prime location on the floor, eye-catching design, and visible signs and banners will take the first step for you.

Consider these 25 Inventive Ideas to Help You Stand Out at a Trade Show—Especially tip #16!

Surround your booth with alluring images to draw attendees to you. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, keep it! Letting customers and employees loose at a trade show is like letting a kid go in a candy store. We want to touch, to hold, to try out gadgets or fiddle with a business card.

If you have the technology, put it on display! An iPad Touch or monitor playing a video will draw people in and keep them at your table.

Impact with Swag

Everyone loves free stuff!

Promotional items work even after the trade show. Put together a swag bag of sticky notes, pens, mugs, and whatever else you have on hand. Even if you don’t strike gold immediately, seeing your logo everyday will influence customers to pick up the phone when they finally need your services!

Goodies certainly don’t hurt, either! Put out a bowl of treats or bottles of water for attendees to take with them!

Stay Social

Take to the streets, or should we say, to the newsfeed!

Before the trade show let your audience know you’ll be there! Tease towards the event and connect with other customers or businesses that may attend. There’s strength in numbers! Introduce yourself, your team, and your business before the trade show even starts. Build a rapport early on as well as afterwards. Don’t forget to take pictures of the event and post them afterwards, thanking everyone.

Be Focused, Not Fierce

Trade shows are not a competition, but an investment.

Don’t just buy space and expect miracles because that’s like Russian roulette, says Susan Friedmann, the Tradeshow Coach. Maybe you win, maybe you won’t. It’s an expensive exercise just to find out it doesn’t work.

Use trade shows as an opportunity to get more leads, meet the community, and build rapport with local business owners and attendees. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, and try again.

Time to Put These Best Practices into Practice!

Dust off those banners, polish those signs, and get ready to flex those trade show muscles!

Don’t miss the Connections Business Expo at the Naples Grande Beach Resort, August 24th. We’ can’t wait to see you there!