Are You Set Up with Google Alerts?

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Are You Set Up with Google Alerts?

This past January, Google Alerts got a much-deserved revitalization. The update came in the form of a new format, one that allows the users to easily see and access the information. It’s considered a “card-style” layout and has been implemented in Google Now, search results, and mobile apps. If you have not been paying attention to Google Alerts, it might be time to get on board. Google Alerts is an unprecedented tool that allows marketers to get direct notifications regarding their industry or specific keyword. As a business, have you considered the gold mine that can be explored with a tool like this? Google Alerts gives marketers or business owners the power to see that platforms that their industry, product, or service is discussed on, providing strategic and promotional opportunities galore.

It is a best practice for business owners; set-up Google alerts for keywords such as your business name, the owner’s personal name, or other industry related keyword terms. Try to choose words or terms that are specific so that you are not bombarded with unnecessary information. For example, a pediatric dentist may want to set-up an alert for that keyword instead of simply “dentist”.

Google Alerts can also be a key player for competitive reasons. Some businesses may choose to be alerted to competitor names to track their strategies in regards to yours. Knowing where you are being discussed and in what context is crucial to your marketing and advertising efforts.

Think locally as well! If you are a small business, geo-specificity is everything. Type in your local city along with your industry and be up to date with local information. For example, a Bonita Springs chiropractor may want to set up a Google alert for related terms. Staying current and knowing what’s going on in your community may make or break your business.

Google tools can be overwhelming since there’s just so many. Their tools, however, are unique in that they have both quantity and quality. As a business owner, you want to be familiar and engaged with innovative tools and technology. Make your job easier, not harder. Google Alerts can lead to marketing success and lead generation. Are you ready to make you mark?