August Newsletter 2016

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iPartnerMedia Impact Newsletter August 2016

Featured Project

ApothiCare 360 Fun, Fresh Pharmacy

Recently, the Fort Myers based pharmacy, ApothiCare 360, decided to give their online presence a makeover. They approached iPartnerMedia with a new vision that connected with people in a fun and inviting way. The result is a colorful, friendly design that is easy to navigate from every device! Take a look at their website. You can browse their services and get the latest health tips straight from their easy-to-read menu.

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Special Offer!

Extra, Extra! ApothiCare 360 has a special offering for our Impact subscribers! This month only, you can buy 1 Renew 360 vitality supplement and get 50% off a second bottle! This is a great way to kickstart your health before the end of 2016. Are you ready to renew you? Stop in to their Fort Myers store today!

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Tips Of The Month

Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web!

The World Wide Web recently turned 25! It’s hard to believe, and yet this widely used tool has transformed exponentially in just a quarter of a century. Discover the history of the “WWW” and how it came about in our latest web blog!

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What Should You Pay for Graphic Design Services?

If you don’t work in the graphic design industry, you may not know when you’re getting a deal on graphic design services. Some quotes may be too high, or even too low, for the quality you’re looking to commission. So how do you know when a quote is fair? iPartnerMedia explains.

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5 Trade Show Trips You’ve Got to Try!

Have you attended trade shows, only to wish you had a better response to your booth? iPartnerMedia put together 5 tips on how to connect with attendees and make the most out of your trade show presence. Implement them at your next event and witness a difference in your exposure and connections!

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Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills: Breathing Matters

When you think about learning how to present in front of an audience, breathing is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re nervous, you may think just remembering to breathe is an accomplishment within itself.

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Client Campaign

ApothiCare 360 Gives Back to the Community with Kids 360 Campaign

iPartnerMedia worked with ApothiCare 360 to generate a social media campaign that raised awareness about their Kids 360 program. Our efforts included online offerings, social media advertisements, and syndicated posts across multiple social networking platforms.

The result? Using Facebook’s advertising platform, we used pinpoint accuracy to display our offer to individuals within a 5 mile radius of the pharmacy’s location who have kids within a certain age bracket. The results yielded over 11,000 views, which converted into walkins while using a modest advertising budget.

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What’s New?

iPartnerMedia Named Emerging Business Leader Finalist

We are honored to be named one of three finalists for the Emerging Business Leader Award. It is one of four separate honorary recognitions being given out in the 25th Annual Industry Appreciation Awards held by The Horizon Council and the Lee County Economic Development Office. The results will be announced at the ceremony on August 25th, but we are truly flattered to have made it this far into the running. Thank you to our community for making this possible.

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In The Community

iPM’s Randy Mitchelson Conducts Free Online Web Design Seminar

On August 2nd, iPartnerMedia’s Randy Mitchelson conducted a 1-hour live webinar on Web Design with the Small Business Development Center at FGCU. The online seminar was open to the public, and free to attend.

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