What is a Blog and Why Should My Business Have One

IPM What is a Blog-We’ve all heard the term blog, yet do you really know what they are anymore? The meaning and purpose of blogs have evolved tremendously over the last few years. What was once a platform for online expression is now a viable career for wordsmiths in every corner of the professional realm.

The fact of the matter is every business in every industry seems to have a blog. If you don’t, you’re the odd man out. So what is the world’s fascination with this unique form of internet publication? And more importantly, why should you care?

iPartnerMedia has done the research. Our blogging veterans have uncovered the facts, invested in the practice, and come up with the answers to today’s most common blogging questions.

What is a Blog?

Coined in 1998, the term blog is actually a shortened version of its original name, “weblog,” (web + log). The practice began in 1994, although its purpose differed from today’s online journaling.

Now a blog by its broadest definition is, “a single entry or post on such a website.” It is typically written in a conversational voice as it imparts opinions, observations, tips, tidbits, and narratives coupled with images and links. Its popularity comes from the ease in which one can publish and share ideas on an international scale. Your audience is practically limitless!

That’s why blogs are literally everywhere today. The vagueness of its definition speaks to the flexibility of its practice. Blogs adapt to the voice and purpose of the business or individual behind it. They can be used to entertain, build credibility, share advice, or simply as a creative and functional source to build SEO ranking.

Interesting Blog Facts You Should Know

  • blog definitionOver 1.5 billion blogs span the World Wide Web today, with two new blog being created every second— a nearly unfathomable leap from the mere 23 blogs on the Internet in 1999!
  • Of those blogs, over 40 percent are hosted on WordPress, an open source PHP website creation tool with a simple but powerful content management system anyone can use.
  • Most blogs are read between 7AM and 10AM—which pins the morning hours as the perfect time to post!
  • Of the 1.5 billion bloggers and counting, twenty percent of them post daily.
  • Today’s bloggers syndicate and promote their posts through multiple social media channels to drive traffic.
  • Almost 50% of US companies use blogs to generate traffic to their website and influence the purchasing decisions of their buyers.
  • Of those companies who blog, 80% describe them as “useful,” “important,” and “critical.”

How Having a Blog Will Help My Business

man bloggingSo if you’re a business, why should you care about blogging? Here are a few key reasons:

Blogs Bring in Traffic

Through blogging, you’re giving Internet users a reason to visit your website. Whether they’re a first time visitor or a returning client, you’re bringing them back to your domain, reminding them of your brand and inviting them to engage your product or service. This invitation can be directly conveyed through the blog post or indirectly by providing advice or insight pertaining to your industry.

Blogs Enhance Your Brand

Today’s consumers research businesses and gravitate toward companies they feel they know and trust. Blog posts exercise the voice of your business, giving you a platform to speak directly to your chosen audience while branding yourself as an expert within your field.

Blogs Enhance SEO

Blogs are free, fresh web content. If you build posts using specific keywords you want to rank higher in, it can help improve your placement in search results. Especially in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Blogs are a Form of Marketing

Blogs are lead generators. They bring the audience to you at minimal cost when marketed through social media platforms. Compared to alternative advertising options such as print publication ads, they carry a high return on your investment.

Blogs Can Be a Source of Revenue

Blogs can serve as a source of revenue and not just as a billboard for ads! You can sell subscriptions or market special deals and products that encourage your audience visits to convert into transactions.

Ready to Start Your Company Blog?

If you want to create an active blog for your business but need a writer to take on the challenge, we can help. iPartnerMedia employs reputable copywriters to compose compelling copy for a variety of industries. Contact us today to see how we can contribute to yours!