Branding Your Business the Right Way

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When you build awareness, you build a reputation.

You have a business and now you want to share it with the world. In order to create the lasting impression you need, businesses must establish their presence. It’s not just a logo and pretty website. While those are important, they are small pieces of a much larger puzzle.

Business branding is the clothing of your company; it’s how you present yourself. It includes your logo and website, color schemes, tone and voice, iconography, media styles, and much more. Imagine that your business is a physical person, how would they act? What would they wear? Are they a jeans and t-shirt sort of person, or suit and tie?

Find the voice for your business and keep it consistent.

Create a Conversation

Think back to your last social event and the people you met. What drew you to them? Was it a colorful outfit? Was it a confident presentation or inviting laugh?

Creative, effective branding should stand out in a crowd and create conversation. Entrepreneur encourages business to make a P.A.C.T. to keep branding in the forefront of your business.

Branding is…

A cohesive, creative brand looks more professional than a scatterbrained website, print materials, and social media presence. Promote yourself and secure your identity.

Stay true to you! When your business has a strong brand, they build a reputation and identity. Your business should exemplify the best sides of your business and never waver.

Stay consistent, stay clear. Eliminate confusion for your customers by staying clear and visible.

Branding has more than just an aesthetic purpose, it represents you. People are more likely to be drawn to and remain loyal to businesses with a professional and authentic brand image.

What’s included in a Business Branding Guide?

Building a branding guide starts at the top and filters down. Start with the big picture. Once you have the overall theme, values, colors, and mission of your business brand, then you can refine and hone your visual and online voice to properly reflect your business.

An efficient branding guide includes:

  • Logo Guidelines
  • Color Palette
  • Typefaces
  • Templates and Template Guidelines
  • Image Guidelines
  • Tone and Voice

Click here to learn more about Creating an Effect Business Branding Guide.

The Power of Print

Print marketing and media may have given up some of its space in the ring to digital media, but it’s still one of the most powerful mediums. The digital sphere has carved a new path into business, but instead of forgetting all about print; let it grow your business for you.

Branding your print materials creates instant recognition for both your business and employees. Whether it’s a business card, brochure, or project proposal, customers want to hold their opportunities in their hands.

Staying Relevant in a Digital Age

Know your audience. Does your target demographic prefer smartphones or desktops? Effective branding connects you to your audience and keeps them interested. Research the latest best practices and find your customers. Some businesses call take to Twitter to soar, while others sow the fields on Facebook.

Discovering how your audience browses and books is influenced by branding and fuels transactions. For example, nearly 70% of adults in the US “rarely or never” use their phones to book online, instead Harris Interactive finds that they turn towards desktops or laptops. This may change in the future but for now, consider that the bulk of your consumers may browse on their phones, but the decision-making and transaction will happen on their laptops.

This information can help you craft your message in the right voice for your business and redirect your traffic, depending on the call to action.

Share, Share, Share!

The branding guide for your business involves your entire company, not just the graphic design department. Ensure that every member of your team understands the branding guide, what your business stands for, and implements it into their own daily processes.

It doesn’t end with visuals, your branding guide includes tone, language, font and typography, and colors. Remember, consistency is key. Having a clear branding guide and clear identity will encourage your internal teams to remain conscious of your business’s values and positioning.

Call a Professional!

Building an effective branding guide takes a strong understanding of marketing, graphic design, and branding. If you don’t feel equipped to complete the task on your own, or if you simply don’t have the time, consider outsourcing to a professional.

iPartnerMedia employs several skilled professionals in the fields of marketing, public relations, and design. Give us a call at 239-449-4749 or contact us via email.