Bring Your Google Ranking's Back From The Dead

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Bring Your Google Ranking’s Back From The Dead

Your Google ranking has plummeted or disappeared entirely. It’s not a Halloween prank but it certainly is scary! So what gives? What’s happened to cause you to fall down a (seemingly) never ending dark hole? Unfortunately, more often than not there is a reason for your sudden fall.

  • You have little or no content of value or worse, plagarized or duplicate content.
  • You’ve bought links.
  • You are trying to manipulate search engines.
  • Other shady websites are linking to your site.
  • Your SEO agency is just plain bad.

If you’re a culprit to one or more of these things, you may receive penalties from Google. Be sure to check your Google Webmaster tools if you haven’t already and see if you have any missed messages regarding penalties.

So you’re down in the dumps, your rankings are gone and you’re feeling a little more than hopeless. It’s time for a nice refreshing taste of formaldehyde (please don’t drink formaldehyde). There are steps you can take to reclaim what was once yours and reanimate your dead rankings.

  1. Social Media

Harness your social media. The goal is visibility, that’s why you want your business on the first page of Google. Rankings can take some time to get back, especially if you have been involved in a serious Google “no-no”. No matter what the case is, having a strong, active, and engaging social media presence can bring you back to the forefront. Explore new topics, utilize trends, consider a Facebook promotion or contest. Get out there!

  1. PPC

Establish an effective PPC (pay-per-click) campaign to drive traffic to your new, Google-friendly website. After you dust off those pesky cobwebs and rebuild a site that is search engine friendly, get your customers clicking! Post frequently on your websites blog and promote it with a big PPC campaign. Remember: It’s more than just driving traffic, it’s keeping them there.

  1. Update

Fresh, creative, organic content is the best way to build your ranking. Look at other blogs you like and see what they’re discussing. While you don’t want to copy their posts word for word (seriously, don’t) it’s a great way to get inspired!