Build Your Own Website & Blog for Low to No-Cost

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Build Your Own Website & Blog for Low to No-Cost

If you build it, they will come.

Does you’re website need a fresh start? Do you need a website in general? Thanks to open-source platforms like WordPress, building a website can be done for little to no cost. Having an engaging, functional website is more important than ever. In a competitive and growing area like southwest Florida, your first impression can make or break a customer’s experience. Walk the walk and talk the talk with a website that looks and feels professional.

Learn more about WordPress design, functions and features on the online Webinar: Build Your Own Website & Blog for Low to No-Cost, hosted by our friends America SBDC  Thursday, July 9th from 9AM to 10AM. For only $ 5.00, learn the basics on how to get started with your own low to no-cost website and blog using The webinar will cover the ins and outs of setting up your WordPress site, basics on building your webite, and how to connect and engage with your social media accounts. WordPress is optimized with SEO practices and tips so your site can start ranking organically.

Is your head spinning? Still haven’t grasped website building? You’re not alone! Building a functional, professional, and ranking website can be tricky if you don’t know what to focus on. iPartnerMedia has helped businesses all over southwest Florida and beyond build successful sites for their industry. Our creative team can help you create, design, build, and manage your internet presence. We may not be no-cost but we can most definitely be low-cost. Contact us today and get professional website consulting and creation.