Building a Website to Call “Home”

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Building a website to Call “Home”

Rebuilding your company’s website can be just what you and your team needs for a fresh start. It’s nice to begin a year fresh and organized but it is not as simple as it sounds. Web design and redesign contains hurdles, additions, and many, many subtractions. Rebuilding a website is not unlike renovations; sorting out what’s outdated, re-painting the walls, and maybe dusting off the cobwebs on some of your items. The amount of effort that you put into a project determines your results and your website is no different. Commit to your new-found project and get excited about all of the possibilities that lay before you! A website is very much like a home for your business and clients. When customers click your link and enter your site, they are walking through your front door. You want your guests to have a great first impression and you want to clean the clutter and make sure that everything is aesthetically pleasing and easy to find.

Just like a homes, foundation is key to your website. While you don’t have to worry about making decisions regarding concrete or wood, you do have to consider coding issues and opportunities. Make sure that your website’s content is updated regularly, and that your site is free of broken links and missing pages.  Always ensure that your website is compatible on mobile devices and that if you have apps that your design team is aware of the changes you have made or are considering on making to create a cohesive look for your brand and business.

An online presence is a necessity in today’s technological world. You already know its importance, its value, but it should also be something that you’re proud of. Mop the floor of your landing page, pick the cobwebs off your corresponding blog; a spring-cleaning for your website is a commitment that will benefit you and your customers. Don’t let yourself be intimidated; a little ingenuity, commitment, and help can take your “home” from dreary to cheery!