Committing to Effective Lead Generation

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Committing to Effective Lead Generation

Lead generation is a powerful tool for the success and future of your business. At some companies, salespeople will get frustrated with a lack of quality leads, resulting in poor sales. In a common association, they blame lead generation when that is hardly the case. Commitment to a good lead is all you need to find your success.

Velocify is a company that is dedicated to “Accelerate Sales Performance”. They’ve provided staggering numbers and statistics to leverage the most out of your lead generation:

      • Leads called within 60 seconds have 391% better chance of converting
      • More than 50% of aged leads are still interested in buying 30 days after inquiry
      • Nearly 60% of salespeople make less than 6 contact attempts
      • 78% of buyers close with the company that contacted them first
      • Calling a lead within 5 minutes increases the contact rate by 500% compared to calling after 10 minutes
      • Calling a lead within 5 minutes makes you 100 times more likely to reach the lead than if you called after 30 minutes
      • Leads that are sent email messages in between phone contact attempts have a 16% higher chance of being contacted by phone

These numbers are only a glimpse into how the poor management of leads can affect its future. Marketing can generate all the leads in the world but if the sales process does not respect the importance of time, follow-up, and multi-channel communications, the leads are doomed for the garbage bin the moment they arrive. Take control of your leads and all of those involved. Leads need to be nurtured and cared for as a seed so that it can bloom naturally. Respect is key, that and good business practices such as following up, communicating effectively, and respecting your contact and their business. The most successful method of lead generation is, and most likely will always be, outbound tactics such as inside sale. Put your face to the name and make genuine connections.