6 Most Common Mistakes Using Facebook Business Pages

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6 Most Common Mistakes Using Facebook Business Pages

Facebook is an incredible tool for business, lead generation, and engaging with your audience. Avoid these common mistakes and become a Facebook connoisseur for your business and success.

Wrong size images cause distorted, blurred logos.

How to Fix: Proper pixel size for your profile picture is 180 x 180, while your cover photo is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. Have your graphic designer create these from the original vector format version of your logo and check it on various browsers and mobile devices. Don’t have a graphic designer? Call us for help.

Using a Personal Facebook Page for business purposes

How to Fix: A Business page must be setup and linked under your personal profile but used as a separate and distinct page with features and functionality unique to your business, including customer reviews. You can add others as Admins for your business page without giving them access to your personal page.

Not Building Audience

How to Fix: Promote your business Facebook page! Invite from your personal network and ask friends and family to do same, promote on print materials, use other social media channels (Twitter,  LinkedIn), and integrate with your website. To reach a larger and more targeted audience consider paid campaigns.

Business not open yet? Facebook is still a great way to build anticipation and share progress. For example, Momentum Brewery in Bonita Springs had over 1,000 Facebook followers before opening their doors and pouring the first draft beer. Now they have nearly 2500 and counting!

Being Too Sales-y

How to Fix: Social media is social, exercise that! Share photos, highlight involvement in charity and other community events. Attending a trade show? Share that with your audience (and make sure to tag!). Just because it’s your business page doesn’t mean that it has to just be business. Let your customers and followers see the personal side of your organization. Share birthdays and office parties, new hires, and anniversaries. Build your brand and share your voice.

Not Replying to Comments

How to Fix: Treat comments as gifts. Thank people for them, reply and acknowledge them. Common courtesy goes a long way.

Ignoring Free Analytics

How to fix: Analyze the engagement of posts and determine what is resonating with your audience. Ask yourself which posts garnered the most attention and how you can emulate that in the future. Download the Facebook Pages Manager app (separate from the Facebook app) to oversee your activity. Remember, build your audience to a minimum of 30 likes to gain access to Facebook Insights.