Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can be the best advertising you’ve ever invested in if you know how to use it and leverage the tools correctly. A successful PPC campaign can drive traffic to your website with the right call to action and message for your advertisement. Paid advertising, like most things, is a learning process. Very rarely do you strike gold the first, second, or even third try. Live and learn to find success with your campaigns. iPartnerMedia is here to help and right off the bat, you should avoid these common–but fixable–mistakes and experience the benefits that PPC campaigns can bring your business.


Relevance should be on the top of your list but sadly, some marketers get so focused they forget about the whole point of the ad. Relevant ads should be obvious but unfortunately hundreds of ads miss the mark. Before launching the ad ask yourself simply, “Does this make sense?” Consider the link it redirects to, your keywords, and that message of the ad. If you’re already worried, don’t worry. Remember, everything can be fixed.

No Call to Action

Don’t forget to put a clear Call to Action. What is the purpose of your ad? What do you want to achieve? Create an objective and strive to meet it with a compelling message and incentive. The Call to Action should be clear and concise. In most PPC campaigns you have a limited amount of space to get your message across. Make the most of the characters with creativity and drive.

Lack of Testing

What were we told in science class? If the experiment doesn’t work, you need to rework the hypothesis.  Odds are you won’t reach gold when you first start digging. If an ad doesn’t work, change it. There’s no shame in continuing to hone your skill. See what ads are performing better than others and tailor those that aren’t. PPC is always changing because consumer’s needs are always changing. Adapt and see results.

Lack of Research

Research, research, research! Keywords depend on your business and industry. Research what’s currently working best in your area. Look from the outside in and consider if you were looking for that particular service or product, what would you type into the search engine? If you find that you’re stuck, look at other campaigns and get inspired. See what’s working for them and how you could model your ads to be just as effective.