Direct Mail Marketing

Doing Business at their Doorstep

Direct mail marketing and advertising gives businesses the opportunity to zero-in on their best prospects by targeting customers based on area or demographics like age or income. Direct mail postcards are also affordable, compared to typical costs for advertising in newspapers or magazines. Most importantly, direct mail advertising is measurable, as businesses can track increased business directly to specific mailings and offers.

Direct Mail Marketing is a cost-effective method to reach a mass local demographic. Target a specific area to make the most of your message in the communities of your choice. iPartnerMedia can help you map out a delivery area best suited to your preferred demographic by defining certain preferences, including:

      • Age Range
      • Average Household Income
      • Average Household Size
      • Type of Route (Residential and Business, or just Residential)
      • Type of Address (City, Rural, or PO Box)

This allows you some control in reaching the type of consumer you’re targeting while weeding out certain types of addresses you may not want to reach.

Competition is high in southwest Florida. Instead of scrambling for customers, reach them the best way you know how. Print is seen as trustworthy, luxurious, and it’s proven to be successful. Direct Mail Marketing is a great way to promote an event or introduce your business to the area.

Our full-service company can help businesses create printed products that help build brand awareness, promote products and services, drive traffic and generate sales. No matter what we print, you can be assured of quality and precision in every order that leaves our building. We don’t just start and stop at printing! We’re with you every step of the way, from design to syndication.

iPartnerMedia is helping local businesses reach their customers one zip code at a time. Contact us today to discover how we can spread your message.Direct Mail Marketing