Directory Listings
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iPartnerMedia is helping your business stay up-to-date in-house and online. We manage your listings, updating and refreshing your presence on the web. Directory listings may conjure up the image of thick yellow pages, but in reality, it’s online. We specialize in putting more than your address on a webpage, build a digital voice that includes current contact information, services, photos, and promotions.

When someone searches your business, what do they find? Are they pointed to the wrong business? You could be losing customers due to incorrect information online. iPartnerMedia doesn’t just stick to one website, we syndicate your information across the web including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and many more. Widespread reach is also a key player search engine optimization.

iPartnerMedia is putting your business in your customer’s line of sight. When they’re looking, make sure you’re there to answer their call.