Don’t Forget to Improve Your Search Rankings

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Don’t Forget to Improve Your Search Rankings

Don’t Forget Your Keywords!

Keywords are a vital part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy. It’s what can take your search rankings from the second page of Google to the first. For small local businesses, geo-targeted terms can be some of the most helpful. For example, consider what’s on your home page. Instead of “pizza restaurant” consider “Naples pizza restaurant”. It’s a small change that can make a big difference.

Don’t Forget the “O” in SEO

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize! Content is a vital component towards your ranking and your overall business. Create engaging, unique content and move up organically. Optimization is all about creating content with the best practices in mind. Consider your keywords and how you’re incorporating them into what you’re writing. Forget about “stuffing”, throwing in keywords for the sake of keywords. While keywords are important, they should be used strategically and not abused. Your content should flow and be informative.

Don’t Forget Google

You would be surprised just how many businesses forget to go to Google. Google is one of the, if not the, most used search engines in the world. Their algorithms are very partial to their own platforms (Google+, Google My Business, Google Maps). Register your business, if you haven’t already, and remain active on it. Incorporate Google+ and Google My Business into your Social Media strategy.

Don’t Forget the Local in “Local Business”

Claim your local listings! Online directories are a very active part of the searching process for customers and SEO alike. As a business, it’s one of your main goals to be found. Create or claim your listings on popular directory sites and include your website, photos, a short introduction, and reviews. Make sure you focus on the most used sites such as; Yahoo!, Yelp, Merchant Circle, YellowPages, SuperMedia, City Search, and FourSquare.

Don’t Forget to Update

Don’t set it and forget it! Every month go through your accounts and update your content; add some more photos, edit your business introduction, consider posting about a monthly special. Google wants to see that you’re active and that your business is growing.

Don’t Forget About Reviews

Genuine reviews are great for your SEO search rankings strategy as well as customer to customer relations. Potential customers favor companies that have positive reviews, that much is obvious. They want to hear personal experiences that others have had with your business. Ask current clients and customers to share their experience online and ensure your company’s longevity and credibility.

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