Convert and Conquer with E-Newsletter Marketing Magic

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iPM Blog #3When you sit at your desk with your first (or second!) cup of coffee in the morning, the first tab you open is most likely your email. While you blink the last remnants of sleep from your eyes, stretch, and get ready for the day, you scroll through work, personal, and promotional emails.

You can capitalize on what’s essentially a universal morning routine with the marketing magic of an e-newsletter. It’s not the flashy, cheap promotional product-like pitch that you may associate it with. In fact, it’s a way to showcase your business culture, inform, educate, and entertain clients and prospects.

Over 61% of the respondents to the B2B Content Marketing Trends report that e-newsletters are one of the most effective ways to distribute content. Convert with content by leveraging an e-newsletter to benefit your customers.

As with any marketing initiative you need strategy! Make the most of your e-newsletter by following these five tricks and trends.

Know Your Audience

Before you start crafting your e-newsletter, you need to ask yourself two important questions:

  • Who am I sending this to?
  • Why am I sending this to them?

Crafting an effective message is part of the battle, but sending it to the right people is the other half. Get to know your client base and find your core audience.

Remember, you want to keep them clicking!

Find Your Purpose

So you’ve found your audience and have decided that an e-newsletter is right for you. Now what?

What is the aim of your newsletter? Are you looking for more in-store visits? An increase in web traffic? Set a goal and aim for it! Setting a goal will help you hone your focus and give you a clear idea for your call-to-action.

You also want to keep a consistent schedule. Whether you’re sending it weekly, monthly, or quarterly, keep it regular!

Fuel With Content

It’s all about the subject line. We decide in less than five seconds whether we’re going to open an email. You have a limited amount of characters to sell your e-newsletter.

Once you’ve made it past the subject line, the body of your e-newsletter is a whole other ball game. Your content is the fuel to your marketing fire, don’t underestimate it for one moment! Keep it brief, engaging, and creative.

What story do you want to tell? Do you want to inform your client? Entertain? Astound?

Don’t be afraid to use this as a chance to show a little of your personality! Be creative with the sections; take the opportunity to highlight a customer, shed light on an important cause or organization, or organize a How-To. The options are endless!

Don’t Disregard Design

E-newsletters, above all, should be easy to read.

Don’t clutter the content with needless images, brash colors, or small text. Keep it simple, within your branding guide, and clear.

Invest in a professional, clean, attractive design to catch customer’s eyes and keep their attention.

Keep the Balance

Check the car salesman tactic at the door!

While you want to convert readers to customers, focus on the content. Adhere to a 90/10 ratio; 90% content, 10% call-to-action. Opting for a salesy e-newsletter will immediately get it moved to the Trash.

Pick one call-to-action per newsletter and make that pitch count!

Need help building an unforgettable e-newsletter?

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