Email Marketing

Get in front of your audience with frequency

One of the most overlooked assets that your business has is data. Data is everything you need to know and it’s right in your system! That includes the email addresses of your customers and prospects. Take the information you have at your disposal and use it to grow your business.

Emails are enriched with information. Not only are they a direct connection to your current and prospective customers but they can be used in various platforms for advertising needs! Make the most of the data that you have to reach your customers and make a lasting impact!email marketing

Have you been collecting email addresses?

If not, start now so that you can build a proper list and begin an email marketing campaign strategy. iPartnerMedia’s email marketing experts can help you integrate your website with a proper email delivery platform. In addition, we will help you design and execute a lead generation strategy to organically grow your email database.

We have a full in-house team of copywriters, public relation professionals, and graphic designers to help you capture your business.

Are you working with a limited marketing budget?

Email marketing is one of the most affordable strategies you can implement. It makes it easy for you to directly communicate important messages, specials, news and tips to your audience instantly. What’s more is that data can be easily measured with strategically placed offers, pixels, and links. Know who’s visiting your website and what they’re looking for.

Take the next step in marketing and craft regular eNewsletters.

Convert and Conquer with eNewsletter Marketing Magic

Highlight a customer, congratulate your team, or make an exciting announcement right in their inbox! Create an eNewsletter that’s a welcome nugget of information and offers!

Before you start crafting your eNewsletter, you need to ask yourself two important questions:

  • Who am I sending this to?
  • Why am I sending this to them?

Crafting an effective message in such a small amount of time is just part of the battle; sending it to the right people is the other half. Get to know your client base and find your core audience.

Remember, you want them to keep clicking and visiting your website! Find your purpose, add value, and create a newsletter they’ll actually look forward to!

Email data leads to smarter marketing decisions.

Would you send the same email message to someone who has received 10 emails and never opened one, or would you rather send your emails to an individual who has opened 5, clicked through on 3, and made a purchase? You would like to send your emails to the latter! Advertisers need to gather this intelligence and use it for list segmentation and smarter marketing campaigns.

iPartnerMedia will help you segment your marketing list for more targeted messaging and regularly cleanse your list of the bad or otherwise unresponsive email addresses.

Contact iPartnerMedia now to talk about an e-newsletter design and strategy to leverage this high ROI digital marketing channel.