Emotional Branding: Why It Works

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Emotional Branding: Why It Works

Emotional branding is the latest, most successful form of marketing and advertising. Get to your target audience with branding that sticks in their minds long after they’ve seen it. According to top Brand Management firm, Hiebling, brands that evoke a stronger emotional response than comparable goods are able to sell in greater volumes and create rabid customer loyalty.


Emotional marketing and advertising is seen more genuine. Whether you’re targeting using a thoughtful, heartening message or using a passionate yet fact-based messaging, emotional branding must be seen as genuine. Consider those tender, encouraging commercials that you’re seeing on the television and online. Even a product as simple as gum has the ability to use an emotional message, such as the Extra Gum “Origami” advertisement.

“Origami” finds the perfect balance of using the product while focusing on a greater idea. In this instance they’re using the message, “Sometimes the little things last the longest. Give Extra, get extra.” It was extremely well done and well received.



Emotional branding doesn’t just have to be touching and heartwarming. It’s one of the great things about Emotional branding; you’re given creativity to go almost anywhere with your branding, advertising, and marketing ideas. The best way to think outside of the box is to not put yourself in a box in the first place.

Take this Cadbury advertisement for example. At no point in the ad do you see the product. These two children are wearing the traditional Cadbury colors but instead the ad focuses on humor, music, and a creative, bizarre eyebrow idea. It was silly, strange, and has over 10 million views on YouTube.



You’re passionate about what you do; don’t be afraid to show it. Brand yourself as the passionate experts that your business is. Passion is often confused with anger or hard-headed arguments. Real passion is believing in what you do and sticking to your core values and growing through your experiences. This may sound difficult to transpire into your branding but it can be.

Think back to June when the World Cup began. ESPN released their “I Believe” commercial, supporting the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team. The commercial roused its viewers and made them passionate about the upcoming game. Even playing it during one of the U.S. games inspired loud, passionate chants that echoed throughout the building. Have your customers believe with you.