Have you noticed a recent decline in activity on your company’s Facebook page? It’s not an anomaly. Throughout 2016, Facebook has been making significant changes to their algorithms, none of which are beneficial for free marketing campaigns. These alterations are directly impacting the length of your audience reach. Since January, business pages have seen the exposure of their posts reduced by an average of 42%.


Facebook Changes Aim to Promote Sponsored Posts

Let’s face it, very rarely is a free service actually “free.” Facebook is a business just like the rest of us whose central goal is to make a profit. While your posts won’t be entirely invisible to your audience, the reduction in reach is geared to promote the use of Facebook marketing services, such as sponsored posts and ads.

However, these changes won’t impact the power of social sharing. Posts that users share will continue to show up in their friends’ newsfeeds. This means all of those quirky videos and memes are still a potent method of viral marketing.

How to Alter Your Social Media Marketing Campaign for Continued Success

In order to keep getting the most out of your social media presence, you will have to adapt your marketing strategy. This will mean making a financial investment, but don’t consider that a reason to put the once “free” marketing platform on the backburner.

Social media is still a predominant form of marketing, especially if you’re trying to engage the millennial audience. Of that age group, 33% say they prefer social media as the primary channel of communicating with businesses, while Forbes reported that 74% of sales people who beat their quotas by 10% or more were proficient in using social media for prospecting, building relationships, and closing deals. In fact, their odds of exceeding that quota were a whopping 6 times greater than those with basic or poor social media skills!

So what do you need to do to continue to make your social media campaign a success? Like any good marketing, your plan will need a budget. Sponsoring or boosting posts will be a necessity. The good news is that the cost of marketing through Facebook is relatively cheap compared to the traditional alternatives.

Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or you can dedicated thousands of dollars each month, you can still receive a good return on your efforts. The key is defining your marketing goals and then catering a call-to-action that connects with your audience. This includes a strategic approach to media, images, copy, message, and demographics.

Outsourcing Your Facebook Campaign

If you don’t have the time or the know-how to adapt your social media campaign to the new Facebook changes, don’t fret! Call in the experts. iPartnerMedia specializes in helping businesses of all sizes find their niche on social media, connecting with their audience and building traffic through catered call-to-action campaigns.

From sponsored posts to video and carousel ads, we can help you make an impact online. Just give us a call at 239-449-4749.