Facebook Analytics Explained

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Facebook Analytics Explained

You have your business Facebook page and are gaining engagement and traffic. Are you taking advantage of your analytics? Many users are ignoring the analytics tab on their page when there is a wealth of information. Whether you don’t know how to read the information or simply never noticed, it’s time to take advantage of the vital Facebook fan data that is waiting for you. Facebook is a necessity in the business world today. There are more than 1.26 billion registered users, 1.19 billion of whom are active monthly. 350 million daily upload photos, 4.75 billion share items. There are 20 billion minutes of usage per day on Facebook.

Facebook Analytics Defined

Engaged Users are the number of people who engaged with your page (including any click or Story generated). There are three elements signify positive engagement with your posts: Like, Comments, Shares.

Consumers are the number of people who clicked on any of your posts (whether the click generated a Story or not).

Reach is the number of unique people who have seen content associated with your page. There are three types of reach: Organic, Paid, and Viral. Measuring these are vital to knowing your audience and understanding how they’re changing.

Impressions are the number of times content associated with your page is displayed.

Stories are updates from friends about their engagement with pages, people, etc. that appear in the News Feed.

Consumptions are clicks anywhere in your post (whether the click generates a Story or not).

Like Sources are the places where people can Like your page and may include your website, page suggestions, ads and sponsored stories, and your own posts.

What Can You Expect To Find

Facebook analytics have the ability to take data and information and transfer it into comprehensible numbers, easy-to-read graphs and charts. Engagement data is found from Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. The Engagement data will tell you all about your audience; engaged users, engagement rate, reach and impressions. See how your page is doing on a weekly basis and see your continuous growth. Analytics can show you important data including number of likes, post engagement, and audience demographics.

…Now What?

Facebook analytics are more than numbers and aesthetic graphs and charts, it’s a unique look into your Facebook audience. Through your page’s analytics you can see what your audience finds interesting based on the level of engagement. Knowing who and where your fans are can help you tailor your posts towards a specific audience. Say you have a lot of Facebook fans from Ft. Myers, FL, create a post discussing an event in that area. Let your audience know that you care and are interested in them as well.

New tools in Facebook’s Insights tool will also show you how many of your fans were online and the average number of fans who saw your post by the hour. It’s vital that you know when your fans are online because, after all, it’s called social media for a reason. The goal of your post is to be seen.

Facebook analytics are meant to be stepping stones to build a better social media presence. Increase brand awareness, promote engagement, and get more fans! Don’t ignore the wealth of information at your disposal. Analytics may sound and look daunting but with the right pair of eyes and mindset, it can give you the tools you need to build your brand.