Facebook Announces Video Advertising

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This week Facebook announced that advertisers will now have the opportunity to create and post video ads. People around the world are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago, the company said in January.

Our audience, gamers, regularly consume videos across desktop, tablets and smartphones, and Facebook allows us to get our videos in front of them wherever they are … And with the new capabilities Facebook has launched to its video ads product over the past several months, we’ve seen ROI improve dramatically. Says Tony Key, SVP of Sales and Marketing, North America Marketing, Ubisoft.

Facebook Video Advertising is going to reinvent how to engage with your audience on social media. The video ads will be target capable just like the original. Target your audience based on interests, behaviors, age, location, etc. Video viewing is growing, in fact, it’s grown over 50% on Facebook.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video’s worth.

How to Create a Video Ad

From your Facebook My Business Page, click the arrow on the top right corner and choose “Create Ads” and select “Get Video Views” to begin. You can set your targets just like you would for previous ads, followed by setting your budget and schedule. After you have your target audience, budget, and schedule set upload a new video or choose one from your library. Add a clear, concise message to intrigue your audience and — Voila!  Just like your previous ads, you can see how your video is performing through the video metrics in “Ad Reporting”. See what’s been effective, what’s not, and set up an action plan!

What To Expect

Video advertisements are a great source of entertainment and information about your business, team, features, or products. Simply put, people are drawn to videos. More and more users are viewing, sharing, and engaging with videos than ever before. Video production is the next step in critical and effective marketing. In just a few minutes or even seconds you can brand your company and build your voice.


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