The Secret to Facebook Live Every Marketer Needs to Know

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FB Live Stream ArrowYou may have noticed a new type of notification is popping up on Facebook, saying: “_____ is now live.”

“Someone is live?” You squint, your face scrunched in confusion as you try to decipher what, why, and how.

That’s right! Facebook has added an exciting new feature called Facebook Live that allows users to broadcast live on Facebook, and consumers are loving it. For those of you that have been lucky enough to have a sneak peek at Facebook Live, you’re sitting on the highest peak of social media. This new live streaming function is gradually rolling out to users in the United States as today’s social media giant begins to integrate it into their platform.

How Facebook Live Streaming Works

Simple and easy to use, Facebook Live is located in the content box where you update your status. To activate it, look on the bottom menu bar beside location services. If the option is available on your account, you will see a small outline of a person, as shown in the right-hand image.

Once enabled, you will be able to broadcast, live from wherever you are. Simply press “Go Live” and do your thing!

Broadcast a concert. Introduce a new product. Say hello. Show your family and friends the beauty of our southwest Florida sunset!

Facebook Live streaming allows you to connect and interact with your audience in real-time for up to 30 minutes at a time. As a business or professional, this is a great opportunity to spread awareness, market your product or service, and build your brand.

Viewers can interact with you directly as you record through comments that appear on the side of your video as you’re recording. This allows you to answer questions and engage in dialogue with your viewers in real-time.

Based on your privacy settings, you can choose to share your video with a public or limit the stream to a select audience using a custom list, such as business contacts. This allows you to narrow your reach to an appropriate audience that will be willing to watch and engage in your live stream.

Why Facebook Live is a Game-Changer in Marketing

All you need to do to realize the potential of Facebook is look at two numbers:

  • As of January 2016, Facebook has 1.591 billion monthly users
  • 1.038 billion of those users are logged in daily.

Talk about reach!

Facebook Live gives marketers and businesses the opportunity to actively engage this massive audience instantly. There’s no “post and wait” process, hoping users will stumble upon your content in your newsfeed. Facebook Live has made the world significantly smaller, bringing your audience into the room from wherever they are via an interactive, streaming experience.

Make the Most of Your “Live”

Facebook Live is an excellent way for you to build a relationship with your consumers. Create an event prior to going live so people can anticipate what you’re doing and tune in. Also, make sure you establish a plan of action and purpose for your stream prior to going live. A compelling title will help draw in viewers, but good, relevant content will keep them watching.

As with any video, there are a few technical nuances that you should consider:

      • Speak loudly and clearly so your audience can hear your message.
      • Avoid loud background noise.
      • Use both cameras (front and back) when possible to provide a full, 360 degree experience.

“But what should I stream about?”

Good question! Since live stream is currently only available through individual users, you have the opportunity to balance your personal and professional sides. For some, this may feel like a complication, but marketing teams can use this to their advantage.

Personalize your business and brand.

Introduce your staff and give a behind-the-scenes tour of your business and its daily operations. This is a great way to initiate intimate and positive engagement with your audience.

Don’t forget about the folks on the other side of the screen!

Encourage viewers to ask questions via comment so you can answer them during your video stream. After all, the biggest perk of Facebook Live is that it’s all about active engagement.

Test your audience with different ways of going live.

Discover what your audience wants by interacting with them in different ways. Ask questions, get answers, and fill your Marketing Treasure Chest with new ideas. There are so many ways you can use this new feature. Don’t limit yourself to one approach. A few ideas to start with are:

        • Behind the Scenes videos
        • Q&A’s
        • How-To Videos
        • Product Demos
        • News and Announcements
        • Tip of the Day

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