Should I Have a Facebook Page for my Business?

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Should I Have a Facebook Page for my Business?

Facebook has come a long way since its creation in a Harvard University dorm room. What started as a way to communicate exclusively with college students has grown and expanded to welcome people from all over the world, become a platform to share stories and experiences, and most recently, a place to promote and boost business. Facebook and its connection to business has gone under a lot of scrutiny and is still under the microscope for some. Understandably, when one thinks of professional business platforms, a Facebook page is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, in recent years Facebook has undergone monumental changes and has unbelievably become an enormous opportunity for local and national businesses. Facebook has become a vast landscape for information and a wide market that, despite its accessibility, remains untouched by those unwilling to dip their toes into this consumer pool.

To those skeptical, rest assure that there is a difference between creating a unique and interactive Facebook page as opposed to simply jumping on the band wagon. A Facebook page can only go as far as the effort that goes into it. Depending on your business and area of expertise, a customized page can do wonders to create an imposing presence in the business community. A Facebook page keeps your business relevant, involved, and is unique in that it allows the chance for two-way, instant feedback between you and the consumer. Questions and concerns can be addressed immediately, events can be posted, and all the while, it gives your business an image. Branding is ingrained in every aspect of a businesses Facebook page, from the layout, to posts, pictures, and comments.

When registering with a Facebook Business page, your Facebook account is much more than a news feed. By creating a specific business option, included are unique ways to track, customize, and measure your Facebook impact, post popularity, see comments, likes, shares, and have an overall sense of the page’s activity. With the Facebook for Business option, you have the ability to pay for advertisements, schedule and save ad reports, as well as break them down by demographic. There are helpful tips when setting up your page, including industry specific options to tailor your message. There is a new level of control that comes with business pages and this accessibility also extends to your mobile phone.

Facebook has 1.11 billion active accounts, 665 million of those are in use every day. Facebook is no longer just a website to check on friends, it has become its own market and heavily influences the world that we live in. Businesses are constantly being discussed, shared, and spread through word-of-mouth, the most influential of all means of marketing. A Facebook page may seem inconsequential and irrelevant but it is anything but. Facebook gives your business a personality, creates not just a page but an individual and suddenly you become much more than a website and fancy header. It can only help your business and, who knows, it may be the small push needed to launch you to the next level of success.