Pixels have been a marketing team’s best friend online by building audiences and tracking conversions through tiny pieces of JavaScript code. However, Facebook has now implemented an upgraded version of this tool that will replace the conversion tracking pixel midway through 2016: the Facebook pixel.

A hybrid of the Custom Audience and Conversion Tracking pixels, the Facebook pixel features the ability to perform. 

      • Audience Retargeting
      • Lookalike Audiences
      • Conversion Tracking
      • Conversion Optimization
      • Dynamic Product Ads 
      • Custom Conversions

How Do Facebook Pixels Benefit My Business?

The Facebook Pixel allows businesses to optimize the reach and conversions of their Facebook advertisements. By embedding a simple code into your website, you can build custom audiences for remarketing and track conversions made that you can attribute back to your ads.

Psst: Click Here for Steps on how to Embed Your Facebook Pixel

These pixel hybrids load 3 times faster and can track up to 9 different standard events with custom sets of parameters. This opens up a plethora of opportunities without ever having to expand your budget.

How Do Facebook Pixels Work?

Once you create and embed your pixel, Facebook will generate a unique dashboard that will compile the data gathered into an easy-to-read report. This info rich resource allows you to break down data by time frame, pixel details, custom audiences, and other data filters. Your company can utilize this information directly in their advertising or you can produce a second pixel to be used by an outside agency.

Use the pixel to: 

        • See how customers move between devices prior to conversion
        • Create a custom audience based on specific actions, such as visiting your page or adding a product to an eCommerce shopping cart 
        • Optimize ad delivery by aiming your message toward individuals whose prior activity mark them as most likely to engage

By combining the function of multiple pixels into one code, Facebook Pixels have created a power tool in online marketing. Use them to market video advertisements, boosted posts, and other call-to-actions to specific age groups, demographics, or people who have visited a specific website or page within a period of days.

This is an excellent way to re-engage prior visitors to your websites, or even your competitor’s websites, with follow-up advertisements.

Want to Optimize Your Online Media Advertising Campaign?

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