Find Out What's Trending on Facebook

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Facebook has adopted many changes in recent years and the New Year has the social media giant trying another new feature. According to the new interest in social circles and the increased traffic on sites such as Twitter, Facebook has adopted a “Trending” feature located on the upper right hand side of your page. “The list is personalized, including topics based on things you’re interested in and what is trending across Facebook overall,” says Engineering Manager Chris Struhar. The new feature was set forward when Facebook noticed its growing popularity, predominantly through Twitter. Facebook is more than aware of the success of their rival and have also adopted the use of hashtags within statuses and comments.

So why care? The use of “trending topics” is a great source of unique content for your company’s social media pages. Trending topics is a great way to garner attention and increase engagement on your page. A simple status every now and again that extends past your usual service-based posts will increase your likes and, therefore, visibility. Facebook has a unique algorithm that makes many posts invisible on your timeline, the algorithm is based on interests; simply, the more you like something from an individual, the more likely you are to see their posts on your timeline. Posting engaging content on your pages will make it more likely for others to see your other posts as well. Boost your company’s “likes”, create engaging content, and increase your visibility all at the same time!

The trending feature is an easy way to see what is of interest at the time. While relevance and your interests also slim this feature down, friends and fans may also share these interests. Be the first to post about an event in the community, an interesting news story, or a funny anecdote and get that coveted engagement.