Finding the Balance in Branding

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From Apple to DiGiorno, companies are recognizing the power of branding. What once consisted of having a logo and a powerful mission statement has grown into becoming an entity on a national and global scale. Branding is a vital component to your business and can make it or, ultimately, break it. Consider the big brands, Apple, Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike, some are old while others are relatively new. What they all have in common is that their brand is widely recognized and associated with values.

You don’t need to start at a Fortune 500 level to have a successful and well known brand. Committing to a brand on a local level is just as important as a global one. But what makes a brand successful? A cohesive and thought-out idea throughout your products and services is a great start! If you’re just starting out, start with a brainstorming session. What mindsets and characteristics do you want to associate with your company; fun, cheerful, serious? Giving your company a personality means fleshing out the character.

Find your “voice” as a business and stay true to it on every platform. Social media has really affected the way we think and act towards and around brands. When widespread platforms like Facebook and Twitter took off, it was on an individual and personal basis. Since then, businesses are utilizing those platforms to reach and communicate with their audience. It’s not a bad idea either!

Consistency and aesthetics are also key points in building a successful brand. You need to look and act the part. Branding may have grown from just logos and mission statements but you should still have them. Find the look and feel for your company, design your logo, and then post it everywhere. Stay consistent with your look and messaging.

Jump on the bandwagon! One of the most unique things about social media are the trends. Recognizing and leveraging a trend at the right time can increase your company’s awareness and reach. Jump onto a hot issue, comment on a silly picture, be active.

All of the above is not easy. Building a successful brand takes considerable time, effort, and consistency. If you’re looking for a helping hand and a creative team contact iPartnerMedia.