Does Google Count Your Site as Mobile-Friendly?

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Does Google Count Your Site as Mobile-Friendly?

There is a great migration happening in the digital world. Web traffic is shifting from desktop to handheld devices and Google has taken that into account by implementing mobile-friendly attributes into their search algorithm. A mobile-friendly website now holds a greater weight in Google search rankings. How does your site hold up?

Google Does Not Like m. URLs

Mobile responsiveness is not what it was a few years ago. If your website reflects the “old” way of doing things then it’s already at a disadvantage (A fixable one, though!). Does your website use an “m.” URL? If so you will want to change it as soon as possible. An m. address requires Google to search two websites and they do not want to do that. Vendors may talk a good game and give you a good deal but if your site doesn’t rank, you won’t get the results you need.

Your website should be intrinsically mobile responsive without having to rely on outdated URLs. Consider how your website transcends its desktop home.

“Mobile-Friendly” Features in Mobile Search Results

As if Google wasn’t stressing the importance of mobile responsiveness enough, they have added “Mobile-Friendly” right into the search results. Check out the screenshot below! Below the ads you’ll see the recognition in grey text before the web description that we’ve highlighted in red.

iPM screenshot

It’s not just Google who is looking for mobile responsive sites. Your customers want it too! Mobile responsive websites load faster, shift to accommodate the device, and create an all-around better experience for the customer.

Don’t Let Website Design Fees Scare You

Are you getting website quotes for outrageous amounts to re-do your site? Are you hearing extreme figures like $10,000? Do not be deterred by price estimates that are outside your budget. Shop around. You can find website design professionals who charge rates for any sized budget. A basic, custom designed, mobile-friendly, open-source website should cost you $1,500-$3,000.

Buying a website is like making any other big purchase, you want to shop around first. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ensure that the cost covers any ongoing services such as security, maintenance, content build, etc. Ask to see the company’s portfolio for examples of past websites, landing pages, campaigns, etc. Check their website too, they also need to Walk the Walk!

Making your website mobile-friendly should be a top priority for your business in 2015. If you want to take over the search results in your area, a mobile-friendly site is a strong first step.