What You Need to Know About Google Possum

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As far as Google’s concerned, it’s the Year of the Possum!

Google is famed for it’s frequent algorithm releases and updates. Dedicated to creating an easier, genuine online experience, the search engine conglomerate has cracked down on original content, keyword hoarding, and now they’ve taken a turn towards Local search!

There’s no need to worry; Google isn’t after you! In fact, the latest algorithm – Google Possum – is going to help your local business become even more visible in search rankings!

Thanks to this positively promising Possum, your business will no longer be confined to city limits. In the past, businesses had difficulty ranking outside city limits, even if they were close in proximity.

While the algorithm is still in it’s infancy, we are aware of several features. Google Possum is putting a renewed focus on local search, the users location, and how your results can be filtered based on several criteria:

  • An increased importance on the physical location of the searcher, so users searching from dent areas may encounter different results.
  • Results are more refined in terms of keywords, abbreviations, and particular phrases.
  • Expands the shift between local and organic filters, making physical location an important feature for local search.

The algorithm works simply; it widens your business’s reach. If your business is located in Bonita Springs for example, instead of being confined to the admittedly small scale of the area, your business will show up in nearby areas such as Estero, Naples, and even further. This is a huge update that’s going to garner more results for local businesses.

Google isn’t satisfied with just that either! The update also includes filter processes that will push your business to the top for relevant search terms.

How Can I Make Sure my Search Results are Strong?

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