Haunting Hackers

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The ghosts and ghouls are out, cobwebs are found in every corner, and those creepy crawlies are slithering sneakily; it’s the spookiest time of year. Halloween is filled with goblins, vampires, and candy. It’s a fun, scary time of year that screams pumpkin, pastries, and pranks!

However, let’s keep the scare factor out of the office! One of the most haunting elements to running a successful business is web-weaving website hackers. Nothing can put you and your customers in danger like an invasive hack. iPartnerMedia is helping you clean the cobwebs off of your website security. Our team puts the lab coats and goggles on, reanimating and tightening your network security until we’re screaming, “It’s alive!”

Stay Spooky and Updated

Much like the undead, your updates should never rest. Consistent and safe updates to your system must always be on the agenda. Stay ahead of the game and make your move before hackers do.

iPartnerMedia keeps a close bug-eye on our server. We are constantly investing in the newest, innovative programs and processes to ensure that our customers are protected.

Have Terrifyingly Tight Security

Strap in and make sure the bounds are tight! Every business should have security protocols that are followed by every employee. Even something as simple as frequent password changes can make the difference between a dream and a nightmare. Make sure all passwords are safe, secure, and changed often.

Keep an All-Seeing Eye on Auto-Fill

Are you trading conservation for convenience? Auto-fill features on websites can leave vulnerable information that can be easily hacked. Consider all the consequences of not only using auto-fill features but having your customers use them.

Back Up Frighteningly Frequently

If horror movies have taught us anything, it’s that you need a back-up plan (and that you should never visit an abandoned anything, just don’t.) Back up your information frequently. This means documents, files, customer information, and anything else that is of value.

The team at iPartnerMedia is shaping up for a scary Halloween, but with all the fun kinds of tricks and treats. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all of our customers are safe from the hauntings that can really affect their business.

If you have any questions or concerns about your website security, give us a call? You don’t have to go on a witch hunt; we’re ready to protect your company with ghoulishly good guarantees, round-the-clock support, and creatively creepy minds. We promise to keep the scares to a minimum.