Holiday Season Email Newsletters – Check Your List Twice

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Holiday Season Email Newsletters – Check Your List Twice

‘Tis the season for holiday email newsletters and campaigns. When you deck the halls, remember to dress up your email designs with holiday appropriate imagery and messaging. “In 2012, e-tailers sent an average of 210 promotional emails over the holidays, up from 177 a year earlier”, according to Listrak.

Are You Collecting Email Addresses?

If not, start now so that you can build a proper list, begin the process of mailing in 2014 and be ready for next year’s holiday season campaign. Why? Because your competitors are coming to town and winning customers away from you. If you are collecting email addresses, have you cleansed your list lately?

Email Data Leads To Smarter Marketing Decisions

Would you send the same email message to someone that has received 10 emails and never opened one that you would to someone that has opened 5 , clicked through on 3 of them and purchased something? Of course not. Advertisers need to gather this intelligence and use it for list segmentation and smarter marketing campaigns.

Naughty or Nice? Optimizing Email Campaigns

Blasting your entire email list over and over may generate some results but may annoy some of your customers. Email gives off valuable business intelligence that can be analyzed and used to segment lists. This allows you to target different campaigns to different groups and provide your most engaging customers with the most relevant messaging.

Wisemen Say Mobile Is A Must

According to Nielsen’s 2013 “The Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot,” 75% of U.S. smartphone users read email on their device at least once a month. Your email marketing messages must be designed in a way that is optimized for the mobile screen. It is imperative that mobile devices are considered when creating an email campaign.

Be Like Santa And Use Elves

When you need your taxes done, do you do it yourself or outsource to an expert in that field? Most choose to hire an expert. The same goes for email and other online marketing activities. A business owner should invest their time on what they know best – their business. Sure, you can try to learn and do it yourself. But the opportunity cost of doing something you aren’t 100% comfortable with may outweigh the benefit.

Google reports that 86% of smartphone users multitask while using their phones. That means your customers are checking email and other apps while watching Frosty The Snowman for the 36th time. Make sure email newsletters and marketing is an integral component of your holiday advertising strategy so your brand does not have a silent night.