Hosting and Security

Choose a website hosting service that stands guard against malicious attackers!

Website security should never be part of the compromise when choosing your hosting and maintenance provider. That’s why iPartnerMedia makes hosting and security part of our services. We protect your most valuable asset from the harmful world of hackers by housing our clients’ websites on a secure server that we maintain and update frequently.

Why should this matter to you?

The Internet is a vulnerable place. Did you know that 2015 set an all-time record of nine mega-breaches and 429 million reported identities exposed through internet hacking? Even now, experts are averaging that half a million cyber attacks occur every minute. That’s why you should never leave your website unprotected. Security is a must on today’s World Wide Web, and the answer to a safe website starts with hosting.

iPartnerMedia makes hosting and security part of our services.But Why Me or My Website?

If you don’t know much about Internet hacking, you may question whether you would ever become a target. Perhaps you don’t consider your website to be of any interest to those who like to tap into domains that don’t belong to them. “How could they profit from hacking into my website?” you might ask.

The truth is any site can easily become the next focus of mischievous or malicious activity. There are many reasons why hackers do what they do (Click here to learn about the main reasons why hackers hack). You don’t have to be a major corporation or high-profit business to become a victim of virtual intrusions. It can and has happened to all kinds of websites. Some hackers do it just for fun—even though the results of such activity can be a headache or even catastrophic to the website that was unknowingly accessed and toyed with. The best thing a website owner can do is to make sure that their webpage is hosting by a safe and secure server that is vigilantly maintained and quick to respond.

Finally, a hosting and security team that is responsive!

We have members of our technical team who are specifically devoted to keeping your site updated with the latest modifications to our maintenance and security programs. Have a concern with your website? Maybe you need to post an update, but aren’t sure how? With our support system, you never have to worry about your needs or concerns getting lost in our queue. Our support staff sees every submission that you send through our ticketing system and are quick to respond with the level of customer service you would expect from a friendly professional.

In fact, we encourage our clients to reach out to us! Our hosting services come with a set amount of time each month dedicated to addressing basic needs that may arise each month. Combine this offering with our generous website storage space and bandwidth, and it should be no surprise why our clients love iPartnerMedia!

Contact us to explore your hosting and security options.

Whether you need a website designed or you simply want to move your website over to a better service, we can help! Our technical staff consists of some of the most tenured employees in the industry to guarantee your website stays up and running 24/7. Consult with our team to discuss our various levels of services that will keep your website safe and secure.