The World Wide Web is a vast resource, rich with diverse audiences and opportunities to create a great return on a marketer’s investment. Over the years, social media has transformed the web marketing landscape, introducing engaging way to reach your customers like never before. Now businesses are communicating directly to their consumers through various platforms, and it’s changing the way we deliver our campaigns.

Marketing in the digital world is based on connection and conversation, not a sales pitch. Gone are the days of “Used Car Salesman” tactics. Instead, businesses are growing their revenue by running campaigns based on client interest and value.

The results?

Invaluable. Businesses can no longer afford to forego social media management and marketing. The opportunities offered by social media platforms are simply too strong to pass up. While tackling social media marketing can be a large pill to swallow, individuals can start to find success by understanding the correct way to use each platform. It takes time and strategy, but the return is strong with far less investment than traditional means.

At the end of the day, it’s worth it for your business. You don’t need to be on every platform, but we suggest at least two or three.

After all; who uses it? Well, everybody.

Creating a Presence

Before you begin marketing initiatives, it’s vital to create a presence. Certain platforms, such as Facebook, won’t even let you begin advertising until your page has a minimum amount of followers.

Build up your page, schedule some posts and create a strong brand that will leave a lasting impression.

Every business has its own identity. Social media is a place to really take that identity and showcase it to the world.

It starts with your page. Create consistent imagery with logos, photos, and messaging. Refer back to your branding guide and include; colors, fonts (if applicable), and even the writing voice your business ascribes to. The culture of your business comes into play through every interaction, even down to your photos, comments, and replies.

A branding guide is an invaluable tool that your whole team can use. Consider it your style guide for your business. Make sure every employee dresses your business in its best outfit. Creative consistency exudes intrigue, professionalism, and the “authority factor.” When you define how your company will represent itself through various platforms, you create a synergy that shifts and blends to form your company’s image.

Not sure where to start? Click here to check out how you can create an effective business branding guide!


Honestly, you shouldn’t! Facebook is not just “another social media platform.” It is a community where users share, interact with, and review their favorite brands, products, and services daily.

What’s more, Facebook is committed to more than their user base. They’re taking an active part in business success. Facebook for Business is an advertising powerhouse that allows you to reach your desired audience with strategically placed ads.

Take your own piece of the pie with smart advertising. You can reach your target audience in a variety of ways. Facebook allows businesses to create custom audiences based on a number of criteria.

For example, if your goal is to bring more traffic to your website, you can create a custom Facebook pixel that will track regular visitors every time they go from your Facebook ad to your web page.

You can also take several extra steps to get to know your audience. Facebook allows you to really narrow down your target your audience in order to connect with your niche crowd. Here’s how:

  • Custom Audience: Use email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or app user IDs to create the best audience for your ad.
  • Location, Age, Gender and Language: Choose basic demographics of the audience you want to reach depending on the service, offer, or promotion.
  • Interests: Tailor your audience by filtering through interests such as “Web Design”, “Marketing”, “Travel”, etc.
  • Behaviors: Define your audience by behavior as well as interests. Does your ideal audience have strong online purchasing habits? Do they sway more towards mobile shopping? Choose purchasing behaviors and get the best bang for your buck!
  • More Categories: Target people based on Facebook or partner categories that you have requested access to.
  • Connections: Do you want to reach people who have recently attended an event? Choose the Connections feature and select an audience based on whether they’re associated to any of your Pages, apps or events.

Quick Facts:

  • There are currently 3 million advertisers on Facebook. Of those 3 million, 70% of advertisements come from outside of the United States.
  • 33% of millennials say they prefer social media as the primary channel of communicating with businesses, while Forbes reported that 74% of sales people who beat their quotas by 10% or more were proficient in using social media for prospecting, building relationships, and closing deals.

Feeling a little loss? Click here to learn more about Facebook Advertising for Your Small Business!


Make each character count!

Twitter allows you to reach its 284 million active user base in 140 characters. When used correctly, limited characters can put your business at a distinct advantage.

Raise awareness, increase intrigue, or simply make your audience laugh! Twitter is one of the most underutilized platforms for advertising. Many marketers and businesses think that 140 characters is not enough to generate leads. While Twitter is instantaneous, a dash of creativity, great messaging, and a strong call to action is a recipe for success.

Twitter, like any other social media platform, is dedicated to engagement. They want you to succeed. One of the latest advertising additions is Twitter Cards, a new tool for lead generation.

Twitter Cards are used for promotional purposes. Tailor to your criteria, the cards pop up on to relevant users’ timeline. Businesses can use these cards to increase followers, encourage newsletter subscriptions, or drive app downloads.

You can also promote tweets for a little extra cash! While those tweets are outfitted with a grey “Promoted” text on the bottom, don’t let that discourage your advertising. These tweets work! With the right text, striking image, and strong call to actions, you can generate more leads than you think!

Twitter is a great tool to track trends, hashtags, and “brand” mentions. Track and respond to tweets that include your company name, as well as common misspellings, related keywords, and your competitors’ company names. This is a conversation starter just waiting to happen!

Quick Facts:

  • 86% of Twitter’s revenue comes from mobile
  • There are 13,000 active advertisers on Twitter
  • There is a 23% increase in a website clicks from Twitter ads that don’t include a hashtag or @ mention


LinkedIn is social media specifically for business. It begs the question then, why are so many businesses not using it!
There are so many features that you businesses and employees can capitalize on but none more so than joining a group on LinkedIn—and, hey, that’s free!

At iPartnerMedia, we practice what we preach. We only divulge information that we’ve deemed tested, tried, and true. Our very own accredited PR professional, Randy Mitchelson, hit a homerun on LinkedIn last year, simply by being active in a group. Randy Mitchelson was able to land a lucrative website project for arguably the largest supplier of nuclear cabling products in the world. He was able to make this connection through LinkedIn.

By reaching out and starting a conversation with a prospective client, Randy was able to turn a simple LinkedIn message into an international client for iPartnerMedia.

Everything starts with a conversation and LinkedIn is a great place to start one.

LinkedIn is also allowing businesses to create their own offers. Take advantage and provide values though tantalizing Free Sample offers. If you have a LinkedIn Premium account, you can filter through leads based on job title before contacting them directly through InMail, an effective method of digital Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is proven to be more successful than outbound marketing. In fact, it’s proven to drive 54% more leads than traditional methods. Flex your marketing muscle on LinkedIn’s growing publishing platform to solidify yourself as a voice of authority, offer valuable information about your industry that professionals will see, and generate leads while you’re at it.

Don’t forget to join a group! You can find Groups within the Interests submenu. You are able to join up to fifty groups pertaining to your interests. Tailor your search to relevant groups for you. Use keywords to search for:

✔ Your industry (bank, mortgage, marketing)
✔ Your geography (fort myers, naples, southwest florida)
✔ Unique terms or jargon (leads, MPS)
✔ Your alma mater(s)
✔ Nonprofits you support
✔ Keywords important to your top clients

We’ll keep repeating it until you hear it in your sleep.

“Be useful, not salesy.”

Quick Facts:

  • There are 467 million LinkedIn users, with 128 million in the US
  • 70% of LinkedIn users are outside of the US
  • 80.3% of B2B leads generated on social media come from LinkedIn


Snapchat is the newest social media platform to offer advertising.

To an outsider, the concept sounds almost silly. Users send friends photos or videos that can only be seen for up to 10 seconds. Following that 10 seconds, the video and image can only be replayed once and then sayonara!

Snapchat has grown a large following in just a few short years and many brands and businesses are jumping on the band wage.

Recently, Snapchat to up the ante and the social media platform went public on March 2, 2017.

“How can advertising work in 10 seconds?”

It’s more effective then you may think and there are a lot of nuances to Snapchat that you may have not realized.

Snapchat Discover and Snapchat Lenses cost upwards of $50,000 dollars but there are more cost effective options.

With Snap Ads, your advertisement will pop up in between Discover ads. At $1,000 you receive a 10-second ad in between a Snapchat Discover feature from global brands. That places you right in the middle of some of the world’s leading companies.

One of the most effective and cost-efficient means of advertising is something everyone can enjoy! Create your own Snapchat geofilter, a location-based graphics that user can place over their photo. Highlight an event or service in a fun unique way!

Here’s how you can submit your own geofilter design to Snapchat!

Create your filter using the appropriate requirements and pay attention to their strict guidelines.

snapchat filters

Remember to make it fun and functional! Once you’ve created a geofilter that you’re happy with submit your filter! This is a great idea for a local event, holidays, or any special occasion!


Pictures are worth a thousand words!

The age-old adage rings true today! Pair those gorgeous filters with dozens of filters and editing tools and you have an advertising tool that will show the best side of your business. Instagram is a photo, and now video, platform that creates marketing magic.

Following an acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has grown from small numbers to an active user base of 300 million. Remember, those are 300 million strong, active users that are clicking and scrolling for hours at a time.

Businesses can take advantage of this core audience by staying alerts, posting regularly, and building a base before you even start advertising. We repeat it time and time again but it’s true, having the base is the foundation to your success. After all, you need users to be engaged with your brand.
Aside from posting vibrant images and compelling content, stay engaged with your users. Respond and like comments, tag customers and friends. Just like with any other social media platform, a strong, communicative presence will influence and generate leads.

How to Advertise on Instagram

Advertising via Instagram is one of the newest forms of social media marketing, in regards to its Facebook and Twitter counterparts. Instagram has the upper hand in this regard, as it’s giving the photo platform some wiggle room to get creative.

You can boost photos to advertise as well as videos, but you can also flex your creative muscle. In fact, Instagram recently added advertising options for their Stories feature, as well as carousel.

Photo Ads: Tell your story through a clean, simple and beautiful creative canvas. Photos can be in square or landscape format.
Video Ads: Get the same visually immersive quality as photo ads—with the added power of sight, sound and motion. And now, you can share videos up to 60 seconds long in landscape or square format.
Carousel Ads: Bring another layer of depth to campaigns where people can swipe to view additional photos or videos in a single ad.
Instagram Story Ads: Complement your feed content with ads on Instagram Stories. Connect with the 150M+ people using stories daily.

Quick Facts:

  • Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users.
  • Instagram users have shared over 40 billion photos to date and share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.
  • 80% of Instagram users come from outside of the U.S.

Helpful Tools

iPM Ryan Binkowski TestimonialSocial media is an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Thankfully, there are many tools that are helping you navigate through these complex platforms!

Get Creative with Canva

With millions of Images of stock photography, illustrations, filters and many other features, Canva is a social media manager’s dream! You can upload your own image or choose from a selection of free or cost-efficient photos. Choose from creative layouts to fit your need or create a brand new work of art from scratch!

It’s the ease and accessibility that makes Canva an indispensable tool. We’re going to let you in on a little secret; we regularly use Canva images for our social media platforms, including our blogs. That’s right, that gorgeous image at the top of this post was brought to you by Canva!

Make Your Mark with Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint delves into the intricate features that can be found on Facebook advertising. For businesses that are on Facebook, the blueprint is your go-to guide for every question you may have.

Explore everything that this innovative platform has to offer. While we discussed Facebook in this blog, there is much to be leard. Facebook has redefined the way that businesses can market directly to their audience. Through this certification program, businesses can learn tips and tricks to turn their followers into customers through targeted ads that feel more like conversations than sales.

Facebook Blueprint is far from boring too! Discover how interactive, online learning can show while it tells.

Click here to explore Facebook Blueprint for yourself!

Social Media Marketing Campaigns Generate Results

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