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The security of the future is becoming a solid set of variables all adding up to one supremely safe site. As technology shifts into innovative territories, we are given a greater range of what we can do, what we can build, and how to protect it. In recent years there has been a subtle shift that you may have (or may have not) noticed. URLs all over the internet have an HTTP, but now, some sites are going secure with HTTPS. The power that additional “S” has is much more powerful than you think.

While it is used primarily on sites that deal with money and banking such as Etsy, Amazon, and eBay, it’s also being integrated on popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In a nutshell HTTPS provides additional confidentiality, security, and identity. The information you share stays confidential from hackers and other unreliable sources because your browser and server is the only one that can decrypt the traffic.

How secure is your website and the documents inside it? Think about how much you share on your most used sites. It’s more than your credit card and financial information, it’s your pictures, your thoughts, stories, and opinions. HTTPS, along with confidentiality, offers integrity which keeps other from sharing or changing your information without your knowledge.

There are several types of “cybercrime”. Some of the most known and, sadly, used forms are:

Malware: Any “malicious software” designed to secretly access your computer.

Virus: Malware that copies itself and infects your computer and subsequent files.

Phishing: A browser attack that occur when one delivers malware or lures a user into visiting “spoofed” sites to obtain secure information such as passwords and credit card information. This can occur anywhere geographically or in various networks.

Sniffing: Hackers watch traffic to and from the user’s web browser. This can only be done in relatively close proximity to the victim.

How safe is your site? Do you run the risk of being attacked and having all of your data stolen? HTTPS is the next step towards full web security. For an annual fee, you will receive the license needed to encrypt and protect your website. Discuss your website security and future with one of our experts today.