The Importance of Marketing

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The Importance of Marketing

Marketing is everywhere you look, whether or not you realize it is a different story. We market ourselves, some of us represent other companies or people, while others are trying to market their new business. No matter what industry you’re in, marketing is going to be ingrained in some aspect of your career. Marketing styles and tactics are becoming more important than ever with growing competitions and innovations. Creativity, design, and thinking outside the box is what will distance yourself from the competition. Whether you’re marketing a business or yourself, keep all options open and try to find the most eye-catching, show stopping means available.

Take Brennan Gleason for example, this Canadian design student from the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia took his job hunt to the next level. With homebrewed ale, Gleason created his own Résum-Ale.

Brennan Gleason’s “Resum-Ale”

Brennan Gleason’s “Resum-Ale”

Brennan Gleason’s “Resum-Ale”[/caption]

The bottle and box, all designed by him, show various parts of his resume to create a written and visual example of his ingenuity. “That’s the first impression these companies see,” Gleason says. He isn’t the first to reinvent job hunting; after searching for his dream job for months, Adam Pacitti used his last £500 to purchase a billboard in Shoreditch, London and launched

These are extremely creative ways to market yourself but, don’t worry, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to successfully market your business. There are plenty of ways to market your small business.

      • Submit Press Releases for exposure and announce new products, services, events, etc.
      • Sponsor a local sports team
      • Reuse content and create an eBook
      • Teach a workshop on your business or industry, speak at seminars
      • Host an event!
      • Raise awareness with bumper sticker or window decals and don’t forget to give some to your clients!
      • Get involved! Think the 3C’s: Chambers, Charities, Community
      • Send out handwritten thank you, holiday, or birthday cards! Show you care!

The best way to market yourself and your business is to have fun with it! Professionalism is important but it doesn’t always have to be business, business, business. Showcase your fun, personal side to your customers. Humor is the best way to market. Incorporate these ideas into your social media as well and engage with your customers.

Marketing can be as fun as you want to make it. While “there is a time and a place”, recognize where humor and creativity can mix and create a defining marketing experience for your customers.

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