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Interior Web Design

I found I could say things with color and shapes that i couldn’t say any other way,

Georgia O’Keeffe

Your website may not be a physical room but online it should be. Decorate your site (and your company) in the right colors, look, and feel. Web design is interior design in its own respect and should be treated as such! First impression by first click! Give your customers the right idea the moment they step (or click!) inside.


There is a subtle but very powerful psychology in color. Subconsciously we react and respond emotionally to color. What does each color say to your customer?

Red: A strong color associated with passion, stimulation, and  love. It’s been proven to raise blood pressure and linked to enhancing your appetite and metabolism.

Orange: Energetic and enthusiastic, Orange is synonymous with action and excitement.

Yellow: Uplifting and warm, Yellow is associated with sunshine and cheerfulness. If you’re in the business of babies, though, avoid it! Yellow can cause anxiety or upset, especially among infants.

Green: Natural and calming, much like the great outdoors itself! Green is the color that our eyes can see the most shades of making it an excellent design tool!

Blue: Associated with calm, serenity, and coolness. Blue has been shown to slow heart rates and decrease blood pressure. If you’re aiming for a calm, relaxing environment on the web or in the office, blue is one of the best choices.

Purple: The royal color! Purple is and has always been linked to drama, sophistication, and warmth.

Grey: Despite the stereotypical view of grey as a drab, depressing color, you will find shades and accents of grey can create a sophisticated, elegant atmosphere. Light shades can be serene and modern.


Just like your home or office can get bogged down in clutter, so can your website. Opt for a clutter-free environment! Clutter can be in the form of too much information, too many photographs, broken links, and anything else that takes up unnecessary space. Clean up your website for the season and improve your look, feel, and load times!

Updated Web Design

Every form of design is always changing. If you feel that your website is dated, boring, and drab, don’t be afraid to gut your site and start new. The best method of success is reinvention when the time calls for it. Grow with technology, not against it.

iPartnerMedia is always available to discuss your online needs, presence, and look. Contact us today and find out how a web strategy can bring you business in 2015.