Internet Advertising Hits Record High

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Internet Advertising Hits Record High

Internet Advertising has reached a record high in Q3 of 2014, says the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in a recent report. The third quarter of 2014 saw a whopping $12.4 billion in revenue, beating out the record set in Q3 of 2013 of $12.1 billion. This is renewing conversation in every industry on the power and strength of online advertising. Last year, the Q3 2013 record kickstarted the conversation and IAB respondedThe news that interactive has outperformed broadcast television should come as no surprise. It speaks to the power that digital screens have in reaching and engaging audiences. said IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg.

Last year’s Q3 are as follows, Q3 2014’s milestone numbers represent a year-over-year uptick of 17 percent over the $10.6 billion reported for the third quarter of 2013. The figures also mark a 6.5 percent increase from Q2 2014, which totaled $11.7 billion.

Internet advertising simply reaches a wider audience and makes a bigger impact. There are fewer limits of what you can do on the web whereas with television you have limitations in both time and content. There is also the issue of television itself. Most shows, movies, and various content is streamed through sites such as Hulu or Netflix. This climbing trend is slowly making commercials, albeit the one’s we’re used to, obsolete.

Our survey confirms that we are fully in transition to the post-desktop era, said David Silverman, Partner, PwC U.S. Triple digit advertising revenue growth from mobile devices contrasted the more tepid 8 percent growth from traditional computer screens. This is simply a reflection of the change in how and where consumers are viewing their information—on the go!

Where is your audience getting its information? Is 2015 the year that your business reforms its marketing and advertising strategy?