Bonita Springs, Fla. (April Fool’s, 2018) – iPartnerMedia (iPM) is proud to announce the development of Grumpy Goat Gardens (G3), a public attraction that will include a goat sanctuary and petting zoo, tropical coffee plant gardens, wedding pavilion and community room for agri-education and business networking meetings.

The family friendly park will be located at the corner of Bonita Beach Road and Old U.S. 41 next to the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track. Scheduled to open to the public September 29, 2019 on International Coffee Day, G3 will be an eco-tourism destination offering educational activities and a working coffee farm.

“The redevelopment of historic downtown Bonita Springs has inspired the local shop owners and developers to create a fun and attractive destination for both visitors and residents. G3 will be an unmistakable symbol of the intersection’s status as the gateway to the new upgrades along Old 41 downtown,” said Albert Arguelles, iPM’s co-founder.

Grumpy Goat Gardens

Download Grumpy Goat Gardens Site Plan courtesy Google Earth and iPM

Among the features planned for G3 are a petting zoo as part of a goat sanctuary. Arguelles says goats are highly playful and that the park will work closely with local businesses, schools and other organizations to create an educational and eco-friendly experience for visitors of all ages.

For instance, restaurants will be able to partner with the park to provide veggie and fruit scraps – peels, cores and all – which serve as tasty treats for the goats. Also, outdoor goat yoga classes will be offered to bring this hot trend to Southwest Florida.

The coffee gardens at G3 will be the setting for scenic outdoor weddings, business meetings and professional networking groups. “Coffee plants thrive in tropical climates and the garden will be available to educational institutions for agricultural research and instruction as we want to support the agribusiness industry in Southwest Florida,” Arguelles added.

Although the coffee trees won’t fruit for another year, Arguelles says, “good things come to those who wait. iPM is committed to contributing to the economic development of Lee County and the greater region for the long run.”

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