January 2016 Newsletter

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Featured Project

iPartnerMedia Enters 2016 With a New Look

As a marketing company, iPartnerMedia emphasizes the importance of staying current with today’s web trends. That’s why we rolled out the red carpet this January with a brand new website that showcases many of the great features we offer to our clients. From a cutting-edge frontend layout to interactive plugins and backend features, we’ve brought our “A” game to 2016. Why not take a look?

Tip Of The Month

New Year, New You

Flex your marketing muscles this year by giving your business a renewed approach to your business goals. This month, iPartnerMedia compiled a list of tips to help you produce a solid marketing plan that spans across social media, website design, marketing, PR, and branding. Read them today to get a jumpstart on your company’s competition!

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How to Verify Your Facebook Business Page

iPartnerMedia Uses Facebook Live Stream to Share Tips in Real Time. iPartnerMedia’s Albert Arguelles reviews the quick, easy verification process that will increase your business’ credibility and visibility on Facebook.

Client Campaign

iPartnerMedia’s Social Media Blitz Increases Audience

In December, iPartnerMedia placed upon its shoulders a year-end challenge: to reach 2,016 tweets, 1,000 Facebook followers, and 48 Google Reviews by January 1, 2016. Everyone on staff leapt on board, and the results were phenomenal. We gained over 200 new Twitter followers and almost equal that on Facebook.

But what does that mean for our business? iPartnerMedia exposed a number of great benefits, including a 333% increase in web traffic from social media outlets.

Think social media is irrelevant? Think again! Facebook and Twitter were our highest referring sites, second to our Google My Business page, which received a whopping 5,000 views for December alone.

What’s New?

iPM Welcomes a New Graphic Designer!

Looking for a one-of-a-kind design? Check out our new guy! A 2011 graduate of FGCU, Kris worked freelance as a graphic designer for various shops, medical professionals, and academic institutions before joining our team full-time on January 1st. He is an artist at heart. When he isn’t busy creating new collateral for clients, you can find Kris writing, exploring photography, listening to music, and enjoying the great outdoors. He’s a big fan of the Green Bay Packers and bears the honor of being an Eagle Scout. We’re thrilled to have him as part of our team!

In The Community

In the Spirit of Giving

With your generous help, iPartnerMedia was able to collect enough toys to provide Christmas cheer to over 30 families. Our hearts are warm with the knowledge that our staff and clients were able to make dozens of family holidays brighter. It was an exceptional example of how a little bit of giving can go a very long way.

Client Kudos

iPartnerMedia Makes a Lasting Impression

iPartnerMedia ended the year with 48 Google Reviews, all of which boasted a 5-Star rating. It pinned us as the #1 rated marketing company in all of Southwest Florida. As the world turns to the internet to gain insight on the value of a business before pursuing its services, we recognize this achievement as no small feat. See what our clients are saying!

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