Landing Pages

Looking for a secret weapon to make your online campaign effective? Try landing pages.

Landing pages (or “microsites” as they’re sometimes called) are single page call-to-actions that drive conversions from traffic driven to it by a properly executed advertising campaigns. But what does that mean exactly? Simply put, their sole purpose is to turn web traffic into customers.

Our diverse staff at iPartnerMedia create custom landing pages for a variety of purposes and events. Whether you need to increase leads or promote a seasonal offer or service, these pages create a sense of urgency that leads to results. We know it works because we’ve seen the success in our clients’ pages time, and time again.

Our diverse staff at iPartnerMedia create custom landing pages for a variety of purposes and events.Landing Pages vs. Websites

So what’s the difference between a landing page or a microsite versus a regular, run-of-the-mill website? Landing pages hone in on a singular call-to-action, thus eliminating web distractions that cause prospects and customers to drop off or lose interest. This includes content, display, and media. The message is catered to delivering results, so everything needed to entice them into accepting your offer is right there on one page! Your customers can request more information with the click of a button while you can track impressions, clicks, and conversions to gauge your campaign’s success.

That doesn’t mean that your landing page has to look, feel, and come off as an aggressive sales pitch. You may have encountered microsites in the past that look and feel… well, untrustworthy. Those were poor designs. iPartnerMedia has collaborated with clients to produce significant returns on their investment through online campaigns centered on a strong landing page. The key is pairing a great design with a strong, persuasive message.

Like all good marketing, your aim should be to connect with your consumer. Show them that their quality of living, desires, or goals will somehow be enhanced through your service or product. iPartnerMedia pairs our expert web developers with an experienced team of copywriters who know how whip up a compelling message. We start with taking the time to understand your company, its service or product, and who it is you are trying to reach.

We then put together a fitting and branded design that will look and feel like a one-page microsite that instills credibility within the viewer. From branding to video media, imagery, and a strong narrative and/or marketing message, we take out the “fluff” and hone in on all the reasons why a consumer should make your product or service their next investment.

Promoting Landing Pages with SEM Campaigns

Landing pages often joins hands with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns for positive results. Not sure how those work? No problem! Our team knows the power of landing pages and how to utilize them to increase campaign performance and conversion. We understand the significant difference a landing page can make for your campaign. After we review, redevelop or design a page that showcases your offer with relevant and appealing content and a strong call-to-action, have our marketers help you promote it with a relevant campaign that produces results.

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Our staff members are SEO and SEM trained. We have the portfolio and experience to lead your campaign to success, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s get down to business.