Lead Generation

Measurable, Adjustable Campaigns

Did you spend money on a newspaper ad or produce a radio or television spot which produced minimal or unmeasurable results?

Is your business finding it difficult to track which marketing dollars are producing revenue?

Online lead generation is the process of collecting detailed information on individuals who have expressed an interest in a particular product or service, and given explicit consent to be contacted when submitting their details. Maximize your potential with effective campaigns that get results.

Advertise where people are looking, reading, and clicking. Dominate in your industry with strong call-to-actions and a creative, measurable message. To generate leads, you need a strong campaign that catches your audiences eye. The digital world of marketing is giving your business the opportunity to create a lasting impact and grow!Lead GenerationGenerating Leads Online

Be where your customers are! Online lead generation is the best way to reach your audience! Deliver comprehensive campaigns that are consistent with your brand. Generating effective leads digitally is both a marketers blessing and curse. With so many opportunity, you business can be easily overlooked on an oversaturated website.

That’s where we come in!

We are lead generation experts! With strategically placed content, advertisements and creative clickable call-to-actions, your business will be the first choice!

Social media is changing the way businesses are connecting with their customers. With enhanced audience targeting and an exponentially expanded reach, there is no reason why businesses should not be using this powerful medium to grow their client base.

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Become the voice of authority in your industry, promote strong call-to-action’s, and find your niche with the platform that has the best return on your investment.

Letting Print Lead the Way

Deliver your business directly to your customers doorstep! Direct Mail Marketing is a cost-efficient method to reach a mass local demographic. Target a specific area to make the most of your message in the communities of your choice. iPartnerMedia can help you map out a delivery area best suited to your preferred demographic by defining certain preferences, including:

  • Age Range
  • Average Household Income
  • Average Household Size
  • Type of Route (Residential and Business, or just Residential)
  • Type of Address (City, Rural, or PO Box)

Print is a powerful medium to spread your business and reach your customers. Beyond Direct Mail Marketing, you can use print to generate customers with consistent branding, strategically placements, ads, and even your office supplies. Business cards, brochures, and promotional items are all tools used specifically to keep your company on your customer’s brain!

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Finding Your Customers

For very little upfront investment and risk, companies can partner with our team of professional e-marketers to pull relevant prospects toward their business and its products and services. Find future customers with campaigns that deliver results. Lead generation requires know-how, effective strategy, and experience. Our team has all of those and more!

Contact us today and get started on widening your reach and building a bigger client base.