How to Let Your Business Cards Work for You

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How to Let Your Business CardsBusiness cards are more than just a piece of card stock. It’s your reputation. After the smiles, handshakes, and polite exchanges, it’s the first thing you offer to prospect customers and clients.

Is yours making a lasting impression? You put in the work when you meet, greet, and network. Make sure you seal the deal with a business card that stands out in a stack.

Design & Thrive

The design and color of your card should be taken as seriously as a business proposal. In fact, in many way, it is a business proposal. Your business card is what your prospects put in their pocket with the intent to follow-up.

But the odds are high that your business card isn’t the only one sitting in those pockets. At networking events, trade shows, and everyday exchanges, they are a dime a dozen. So how do you make yourself stand out against the competition when you’re not present to give your pitch?

By letting the card speak for itself.

Enlist the expertise of a professional designer to really make your card pop! A cohesive brand and design should extend to every branch of your company. Mirror the logo and color scheme across your website, brochures, banners, etc.

Corporate branding is laying the right foundation to ensure you’re targeting the right demographics from the beginning. It’s imperative to align a design with what appeals to your designated clientele. Take the time to really define what that looks like in color, style, and design, then build your brand from there.

Keep It Simple

Business cards should always be concise. Mimic your business’ brand while presenting all of the standard but necessary information. Always include:

      • Company Name (via text, logo, or both)
      • Your Name
      • Job Title
      • Phone Number
      • Website

If space permits, you can also include your company’s physical address, email address, or social media handles. You could even include a call-to-action, if it’s relevant.

There is space for creativity, but be sparse with your information. Nobody wants to look at a cluttered card. Don’t make your logo too large, font too small or uncomfortable to read. Don’t be afraid to have space.

Shapes & Sizes

Find the best size and shape for your company. Think outside the box—in every sense of the word! Just because the standard size of a business card is 3.5″ x 2,” doesn’t mean that’s the only option. These days, many companies are getting creative with the size and shape of their cards in an effort to stand out.

Keep in mind, the smallest change can make all the difference. Simply opting for rounded corners tailors your card to you and gives it a refined look. However, you can opt to be daring and try a different shape altogether if you want! Square and even circular cards can be found in the hands and pockets of people all over the country.

Make Them Say “Wow!”

From branding to logo design to font choices, the option are endless! That’s why iPartnerMedia is here to help you hone your creativity into a product that leaves a lasting impression in the palm of your prospects’ hands. Our team is experienced and equipped to help facilitate the success of your marketing campaigns, media endeavors, and brand strategy, from business cards to the boardroom.

We are a full, in-house marketing team that provides services for graphic design, branding, print media, and content creation. If you have questions about the best way to execute your business’s branding or would like our team to creatively collaborate with you, give us a call at 239-449-4749.