iPartnerMedia: More Than Just Your Local Print Shop

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“Our business goes beyond basic print services to help companies reach their full potential.”

Businesses looking for a print shop in Naples or Bonita Springs are pleasantly surprised by the perks of iPartnerMedia. There is a synergy in their services that one doesn’t find at other print locations in the area. What exactly do we mean by that?

Our business goes beyond basic print services to help companies reach their full potential in their marketing initiatives. Combined with our in-house printing facility are additional services, such as Direct Mail Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media Management, Website Design and Development, and even mentorship hours allow us to deliver cohesive and customized services. We don’t offer “packages,” but any combination of services, making us flexible enough to adapt to any businesses’ needs.

After a long and successful entrepreneurial career in printing, I saw the trend of how marketing, print, and now digital media play a significant role in the success of today’s businesses,” iPartnerMedia President Mark Pace said. “That’s why we created iPartnerMedia. To link those necessary and related tools together under one roof. It’s better for us and better for our clients.

If it sounds like three different companies combined into one, it’s because essentially that’s what we are. iPartnerMedia has three distinct departments: Web, Print, and Marketing. Each department employs experts and creative savants within their field. From copywriters and graphic designers to advertising gurus and web-savvy developers, we’ve equipped our business with people who have the “know-how” to help you deploy a successful campaign.

The Outdated Methods of Traditional Print Shops

Perhaps you’re thinking, “What’s wrong with my current print shop?” After all, you’ve been going there for years and they’ve always gotten the job done. However, it isn’t necessarily the print job that is outdated, so much as the campaign behind it is incomplete.

We’ve all heard the omen that, “print is dying.” As the digital realm expands, traditional means are starting to be viewed as old fashioned and behind the times. It’s a claim that addresses a very real shift in marketing and communication, yet it’s a bit off the mark.

You see, print isn’t dying. Not at all. It’s evolving.

This is not a new revelation. Nor is the emersion of digital media the first time we’ve had a shift in our culture that altered the way we communicate. Communication is a living, ever-changing practice, and always has been. The key to marketing effectively is identifying where and how your audience will be most receptive to your offer, and then creating a strategy that targets them.

Too many clients think that the answer is either “digital” or “print,” not realizing that they are not polar opposites or ultimatums. It doesn’t have to be just one or the other. In fact, the best results come from both avenues collaborating together. In order to succeed and grow with emerging technologies, businesses must adapt. Take a look at how the research below demonstrates the effectiveness of these two forms of communication. Afterward, we’ll talk about how phenomenally well they work together.

Crunching Numbers and Revealing the Facts

Below you will find recent statistics that demonstrate just how relevant digital and print mediums are in marketing to present day consumers:

  • 69% of adults still look to and consider local newspapers as a trusted source
  • 43% of businesses still depend on newspapers for their local advertising
  • 54% of customers agree that they’re more likely to buy a new product after reading about it in a publication, such as a magazine or newspaper
  • 59% of music listeners still tune in to traditional radio, which drives 5.8% of retail sales
  • 15% of online marketing conversions are for products
  • 23% of online marketing conversions are for services
  • Word-of-mouth marketing is still 9 times more voluminous offline than social media content
  • 79% of households say they read or scan their mail daily. In fact, Direct Mail receives more response than email, with an average of 122% higher.
  • In 2015, 40.2% of the global ad-spend was used on television advertising

What do these numbers tell us? Both print and digital media have their place of significance. Combining them together can expand your audience reach and grow your campaign’s ROI to greater heights than ever before.

We don’t base this claim solely on statistics and theories, either. We’ve proven it by putting these hybrid campaigns into action. We’ve advertised events through EDDM and Facebook advertising, implemented Google AdWords campaigns to help clients (and ourselves) rise higher within the search engine giant’s rankings, and branded companies through business cards, stationery, collateral, signage, and newsletters to build awareness and grow their business.

This cohesive strategy is growing our business as well as our clients. If you’re reading this blog though, chances are high that you’re searching for the answer to one simple, but imperative question:

How does this make iPartnerMedia the better print shop choice?

The Limitations of Traditional Print Shops

If you’re just looking to print your family’s Christmas cards, then your traditional print shop will suffice. However, if you’re a business executing a marketing campaign, it pays to team up with a company who knows how to do more than print collateral.

Most print shops are stuck in that “all we do is print” mentality. You tell them what to print and they’ll produce it. However, iPartnerMedia is an agency that sees the big picture. Our diverse team can collaborate with businesses, steering our clients toward the best medium based on their unique marketing objectives.

This is perfect for companies both large and small who don’t have the expertise or the time to map out and execute their own marketing strategies. We can do more than design and print your branded collateral, brochures, business cards, mailings, and promotional materials. Depending upon your desired level of involvement and personal needs, we can sit down with you, plan an all-encompassing marketing strategy, and help you monitor its progress throughout its duration to ensure the best results.

From Print Shop Collateral to Full Blown Marketing: the iPartnerMedia Approach

As we mentioned before, iPartnerMedia can be divided into three departments: print, web, and marketing. As an agency, we’ve mastered the synergy of these three forms of marketing. First, we’ll start by telling you about the advantages of iPartnerMedia’s print department.

The iPM Print Shop

Mark Pace, iPartnerMediats need. With decades of experience in the print industry, he expanded his entrepreneurial path from “just another print shop” to the agency you see today. Why? Because he witnessed how the digital market was changing the business climate—and he chose to adapt.

If you have an idea for what kind of print marketing you want to do, but you aren’t sure how to execute it, we’re here to solve that riddle. Our print staff starts with sitting down with you—the client—and discussing your objective. Whether you have your own designs prepared or you want us to do the legwork, we cater to whatever level of service you need to brand your business the right way.

Don’t let our cozy location fool you. Behind our offices and conference rooms is an in-house print shop, capable of just about anything you can imagine. From business cards and brochures to table cloths, signage, mailers, cardboard cutouts, and promotional gifts, we produce high-quality results, on time.

Par with those high standards is iPartnerMedia’s graphic design team. You won’t find stale talent in our office. Whether you’re looking for an innovative designer to produce a fresh, new logo design or a creative collaboration of graphic arts veterans with publishing and commercial print backgrounds, we have them here.

How a Print Project Turns into Threefold Marketing

“Create synergy between your web and print media.”

We often liken marketing to a spoked wheel. In the center is your business. The outer rim is your marketing objective. It takes many spokes to create a solid connection between your business and its goal, and those spokes branch out from our print, web, and marketing services.

While print will provide all of your physical collateral, a social media presence, website, and online advertising will help you reach a broader audience while building a more intimate relationship than a sheet of paper or a branded beer koozie ever could.

The secret to web marketing is engagement; finding ways to connect with your current or next consumer for your products and services. Print collateral can inform individuals of new promotions, news, or information, but the Internet allows you to engage with them regularly.

You can create a link to print and online marketing in many ways. A few examples include adding web addresses or QR Codes to your printed materials and advertising online contests to encourage new subscriptions or connections.

You can get as creative or as straightforward with your methods as you want. The key is simply to create synergy between your web and print media.

Tie It All Together with Good PR and Brand Marketing

A good campaign will generate a lot of attention. Before you do that, you want to make sure your public relations and brand are ready for it. Construct a cohesive brand and voice with the help of an accredited PR expert, media buying, and a cohesive corporate branding strategy.

Keep in mind that branding doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a cohesive and coherent branding guide, as well as consistency. Our team will help you build an identity for your business with an Effective Business Branding Guide that outlines your image in one cohesive, accessible guide.

We also have a designated APR expert on staff who will work one-on-one with your business to help grow your community involvement, awareness, and relationships. Whether you need help with internal structure and operations, and/or your external reputation, we have the expertise to help you construct your company’s voice, image, and culture. We collaborate with your team, not outside of it, so that we’re always on the same page. Think of us as less of a contracted service and more of an extension of your dedicated staff.

After all, we are dedicated to your success.

Switch from a Print Shop to a Print, Marketing, and Web Agency

“If your business is ready to take its ROI up a notch, call the experts.”

Switching from a print shop to a print, marketing, and web agency like iPartnerMedia doesn’t come with any downsides. Despite the fancy “agency” term, our prices remain competitive, as well as our “small business” dedication to personalized customer service.

Instead, choosing the iPartnerMedia approach gives you more options when you need them. We can work either by contract or on a project-to-project basis, depending upon your business goals. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small, family owned business, we are equipped with the passion and knowledge to help you succeed. So what are you waiting for?

If your business is ready to take its ROI up a notch with collaborative web, print, and marketing services, call the experts. We have a friendly staff ready to take your call at 239-449-4749. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call!