The Marketing Game of Thrones

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When you play the game of marketing you either win or you fail…

It’s certainly not as life-threatening as warfare in the Seven Kingdoms but much like the Game of Thrones, your businesses marketing is a strategic battle of the best, brightest, and most creative pieces.  You may not be a Stark or a Lannister, but you can still protect your business withe the most effective weapon – Marketing.

Websites Fit for Westeros

Your internet presence starts with your website; wield it wisely. A strong website is the backbone to your business. First impressions are more or less made through a screen in today’s technology-driven world, make the best impression when they click. Nothing will drive your business towards the kingdom that’s rightfully yours like a well-written, responsive website.

While many fight to sit in the Iron Throne, the true King of Marketing is Content. Our word is everything we have; make it a good one.

Effective Search Engine Optimization in Essos

Where your website is your battlefront, Search Engine Optimization is your sword, slicing through the clutter and pushing your business to the top of the results. You don’t have to decide between an axe or dagger, but you do have to decide on several of the best practices for your business. Content is key (and king) when it comes to increasing your SEO genuinely.

Content isn’t a static beast that must be constantly refreshed and updated. Blogging is one of the most popular methods because SEO is directly connected to consistent and engaging content. Sharpen your tongue and let your talons do the work, creating original and interesting posts that give your customers a reason to return to your site week after week. 

Have you paid the Iron price of Marketing? You can also choose to boost your posts and call-to-action with Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaigns and Google AdWords.

Take on Social Media Like a Targaryen 

Don’t pull an Eddard Stark and lose your head over it! (Too Soon?) If SEO and your website are your army and weapons, then Social Media is the sneaky, winged-creature that swoops in and keeps your customers coming back for more!

Show the personal side of your business. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to engage directly with your customers, share various projects and features, introduce the faces behind the brand, and connect with the community. Isn’t it time you say a warm “hello” to the force that drives your businesses success?

Social media sends its regards.

iPartnerMedia is the Hand of the King

Sharpen your sword and don your toughest armor. To win a battle, you need to have the most capable army behind you. Consider iPartnerMedia an honest, right hand of the King, providing guidance, support, and creative strategies to ensure that your business has the best tools to fight the competition. Is your website in need of biting content, sharp talons of design, and a new pair of wings so it can soar? Call our offices today, 239-449-4749, and soldier forward. Be prepared for a wave from the North as the holidays approach us.

Winter, after all, is coming.