Positive social media campaign will promote patronage of local attractions

A consortium of marketing and public relations professionals in Southwest Florida have launched an effort to share positive aspects of our region on social media in response to the devastating water quality issues. Employees of firms including iPartnerMedia, CONRIC PR & Marketing, M&M Multimedia, Priority Marketing, Pushing the Envelope, SEO Mechanic, Testimonial Tree, TLC Marketing & Creative Services, Veer90 and others are sharing video and images on their personal social media accounts enjoying local parks, botanical gardens, indoor amusements and patronizing locally owned restaurants and shops. The social media posts are using the hashtag #SWFLchallenge.

The goal of the challenge is to motivate our residents and visitors to create and share thousands of social media posts using #SWFLchallenge of them patronizing locally owned businesses and attractions. “We are not trying to ignore the reality of what’s happening with our waterways and marine life but we want to remind people that there are still a lot of positive things about our region to be appreciative of,” said Albert Arguelles, Vice President, iPartnerMedia. “We invite everyone to join us and take the Southwest Florida Challenge and share their positive experiences on social media using the hashtag.”

Click here to check out the article in the NewsPress and use the hashtag #SWFLchallenge to participate in the challenge!