Is Your Marketing Reaching the Millennial Audience?

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Marketing to a Millennial audience requires a different approach then it did with the Baby Boomers. The primary form of communication has changed, revolutionizing the stream in which information is translated and connections are made. However, it’s more than just technology that’s changed. The views and values of Millennials’ differ from previous generations, leaving older executives begging the question, “How can my business connect with today’s largest generation?”

The priorities and habits of Millennials deviate from their predecessors. Companies that are centering their marketing strategies on the traditional American dream of a stable life, a family and a white picket fence home are now missing the mark. This post-recession generation is used to risk-taking. Stability isn’t a concern because they grew up in a time when there were no guarantees. Jobs were scarce and layoffs were common, painting long-term investments as unfeasible.

So they became the innovators of alternatives. In the face of unemployment and over-qualification, they chose to be entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees who value quality of life over routine and permanence.

But what does that mean for today’s marketing teams?

Connecting with a “Here and Now” Generation hones in on three essential tips for marketing to Millennials: target social groups, engage your consumers and by Jove, get on board with mobile marketing! This encompasses more than just creating a Facebook page and Twitter account. Engagement matters, which means you need to truly understand your audience.

Decide Who Your Target Audience Is

Millennials are a diverse generation. They don’t all follow the traditional life stages. Some choose to settle down while many others are embracing a life where they work on their own time, travel where they please and seek out new experiences.

Take time to define which social group you’re targeting. Studies show that Millennial’s spending exceeds the amount of money they put into savings, donations and investments combined. They are focused on the “here and now” so you need to target the audience whose current needs meet your offering. Think of your business, service, or product as a solution that will improve their everyday life in some fashion.

Create an Engaging Campaign

If you view your audience as a community to be engaged, then congratulations! You’re thinking like a Millennial. Building an engaging relationship is important and its impact is two-fold in today’s marketing. One, you develop a long-term connection with your customer base that increases the rate of return business. Two, through engagement you turn your customers into walking, talking testimonials. In today’s selfie snapping, life documenting generation, it’s all about sharing an experience. A whopping 95% of millennials consider the opinion of their peers their most trusted source when deciding whether or not to invest in a product. Give them something to tweet, like, share and blog about, and your reach will go viral.

Generate an Online Presence and Execute via Mobile Marketing

Anytime Millennials seek information about a business or product, they take to the internet which makes an internet presence essential. Mobile-friendly websites and active social media accounts have become necessary avenues to connect and engage with today’s largest generation. It’s important to know that once you create these platforms, you have to keep them active and engaging to give your brand credibility.

Advertising still matters, yet it exists in a new form. Mobile marketing avenues such as Facebook Sponsored Ads and Google AdWords are today’s billboards, exposing you to the exact age group, geographic and demographic audience you choose to target. It is a brilliant tool that distributes your message to today’s leading generation on their preferred communication platform. With the right campaign, you can expand your reach beyond traditional means and grow your business larger than ever before.

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