Marketing Services


iPartnerMedia believes branding is more than just designing a logo, corporate branding is laying the right foundation to ensure you’re targeting the right demographics from the beginning. Build your brand before you start building company.

Corporate Branding

More than just designing a logo.

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Branding: it’s more than just designing a logo. It’s the face and voice of your business! Create a lasting, distinct impression with our corporate branding services, and see how you can build a solid reputation with your consumers or clientele.

iPartnerMedia believes that building stronger relationships with your company’s stakeholders sits at the heart of a public relations program.

Public Relations

Building stronger relationships.

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Build stronger relationships with the help of an accredited PR professional. Our Public Relations marketing services will breathe life into your business relationships, both internally and externally. We’ll help you discover how far a great reputation can take you.


iPartnerMedia offers Media Buying services to display your campaign across multiple mediums.

Media Buying

Link your ads.

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Spread your advertising campaign various mediums, and really get your campaign noticed. Our media buying strategies and analytics deliver enhanced marketing services that really get results. Why? Because we place your ads in front of high volume traffic where browsing eyes won’t miss them.


iPartnerMedia provides you with a unique planning process from beginning to end. Each video is approached with a fresh mindset to effectively communicate your vision and transfer it into an attractive on screen presentation

Video Marketing

Capture Your Audience.

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Capture your audience in a way that shows off your business’ best angle! From the moment we say “Action” to “That’s a wrap”, our video marketing services will guide you through every take, pre-production, post-production and every step in between. So what are you waiting for? Lights, Camera, Action!