Maximizing Your Social Media Presence

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Maximizing Your Social Media Presence

Social media has risen past its original entertainment status and is now completely immersed within the business community. Companies are staying modern and connected with their customers through these a strong social media presence, increasing customer reach, sales, and affecting the quality in which we do business.

However, expert Cesare Mainardi claims that many businesses are doing it wrong. They try to go social with the same old way of doing things. And going online with a “9-5,”traditional command-and-control mind-set is an almost certain recipe for disaster. Mainardi explains.

Used correctly, social media can bring your business to the next level of successful web marketing and create a positive, increasing buzz in your local community. Take a moment to think about your social media habits and if you are seeing satisfying results. It may be time to change your business’s way of using social media so to maximize its potential.

The most common trap that companies fall in is the previously stated “9-5” mentality. Posts and tweets are created during work hours, which is all well and good until the office is closed and various social media pages are lost in translation. The greatest,  and most challenging, aspect of social media is that it is constant. In order to solidify your pages, post throughout the day as well as the weekend. A small post or blurb every couple of hours keeps you company relevant and above the rest of the competition. Company’s social media present can be refashioned and awakened by developing a deeper understanding of trending patterns among their traffic, engaging the audience, and committing to an active social media life in the online business world.

A solid social media presence is all about investing time. Employees responsible for managing the social media pages should have  an extensive knowledge on not only the actual pages but how statistics and traffic flows among social media. There are tools that can be downloaded to manage this plethora of information. Utilize as many tools available to make the most of your social media pages and remember, its not just a Twitter or Facebook page, it’s usually the customer’s first impression of your business.