May Newsletter 2016

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iPartnerMedia Impact Newsletter May 2016

Featured Project

iPartnerMedia Brings Author’s Stories to Life with Whimsical Website Design

Fantasy author Elizabeth Carlton needed an online presence that would enchant viewers just like her characters enchanted new readers. She turned to iPartnerMedia with a vision for a design that would bring her novels to life, and boy did we deliver! A parallax design weaves whimsical images of magical landscapes and princely protagonists that rouses the adventurer in all of us.

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Tips Of The Month

Today’s Best Web Designs

Staying hip and up-to-date with website designs is part of what we do here at iPartnerMedia. We put together a list of the top 3 types of web designs for you along with what they are and why they’re trending in today’s market. Get the details in our post… who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself inspired!

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What a Branding Guide Does for Your Business

Every business has it’s own identity. Coupled with that identity should always be a guide that defines several essential standards to keep that image consistent and cohesive across every form of communication. Find out why and what a branding guide is comprised of in our latest print blog!

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Why Video Marketing is Now a Necessity

Did you know that landing pages with video have 800% more conversions than pages that are solely comprised of text? That’s just a taste of the significant impact video media has had on today’s digital marketing! Find out why your business needs to start getting behind the camera today by clicking the link below!

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How to Present Better in 1 Easy Tip

Presentation is an art form composed of subtle nuances coupled with the right message. It takes practice, but iPartnerMedia’s Megan Bunting-Fox gives away one tip that will improve your public speaking skills instantly!

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Client Campaign

East & Greenwell Repurposes TV Ad for Exponential Reach

When you have a good commercial, why limit it to TV? Especially when video content yields such significant results online! That’s why iPartnerMedia helped East & Greenwell expand their reach through social media advertising. In this online campaign, our client has reached 4,239 local individuals with their video—and counting!

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What’s New?

iPartnerMedia Chosen as New Marketing Company for Bone Hook Brewing

Recently, we raised a pint in celebration of our brand new marketing relationship with Bone Hook Brewing! We’re excited to be producing the website design and marketing for this brand new brewery set to open its door on Immokalee Road in Naples. If you’re like us, you’re probably itching for more information on when we’ll be able to enjoy this upcoming hot spot for good times and good brews. The great news is you can click below to sign-up for their mailing list now. Doing so will make sure you’ll be notified when Bone Hook Brewing opens!

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In The Community

iPartnerMedia Sponsors FPRA 2016

Have you heard about the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA)’s 2016 Annual Media Breakfast? Taking place at 7:30AM June 7th in Fort Myers, this hands-on workshop is bringing in five news professionals to help communications, PR, and marketing professionals improve their chances of getting their news releases published. iPartnerMedia is proud to sponsor this event. In fact, you can contact our very own Randy Mitchelson for details and sponsorship opportunities at Want to attend the event? Even better! Simply click the link below to register.